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Hi Guys....


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maxhinio said:
And a good one Gaz, that Rocky tune eh?
Anyway when you can mate and we'll have a beer

Yep, will do.

I hope you get to play Boretree in the FA Cup lads!!! Now that'll be a game!!! Rooting for ya all the way with that one. And you'll be able to reacquaint yourselves with old friends. Isn't friendship marvellous <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

We now open the match with three tunes
Blur - Song 2
Queen - We Will Rock You (cheezey but hey ho)
Rocky tune

I must say, my performances with the mic are not as spot on as last season but I'll take any advise...I'm being a bit er....partisan...gotta get back to being neutral and understated.
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Gazza is a right jobsworth if i remember! Started piping up because my mate was standing in his favourite spot he'd left at half time!

Need to bloody stand there because of the radio mic, you tart. And also near the dug outs...Preferred standing place is behind the goal. Perhaps if you and your mates weren't so gobby, you would've been treated better, eh, "Mean it twat"?
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