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Billericay Town 1 Heybridge 2


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Football's a funny old game...play your heart out and play magnificently with a player sent off, create two or three clear cut chances and what happens...you still don't get the victory you deserve...then again, those chances you create, have to be put away.


I thought the boys show tons of character yesterday against a team who took advantage of the officials generosity with the whistle. At least the ref gave us a deserved panalty and showed the only bit of consistancy by sending off a Heybridge player for the same offense that Warren Ryan was sent off for. Both, in my mind were yellows. Which is another debating point.


It's difficult to point out a man of the match. All the players played well but Leon Hunter was magnificent in the midfield. Matt Game was tireless and Nathan Elder ran his legs out and was a lion in front of goal. The defence was solid but for a mix up in the closing minutes, which let their stricker score the winning goal. Heybridge payed us a back handed compliment by celebrating the win as if it was their cup final.


My opinion of the boys performance is, they deserved more. Absolitley magnificent, with ten men on the pitch for most of the game and showed a character that other teams in this league would do well to adopt.

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Both straight Reds, no doubt about it.


Nicholls is by far Heybridge's best player.


I was gutted with the result, and I felt sorry for our Ten Players, they gave their all.

Well done lads <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" />



The Blue Army were magnificent yesterday and definitely contributed towards our second half ten man performance. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" />

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Dont even get me started on Warren. Every time he goes in for a challenge he seems to always give a ref a decision to make. He clearly elbowed the heybridge player and deserved to go. He is a liability and has let his team mates down, his manager, and the supporters down again. For me, his first game for us was his best and since then he has looked nothing more than average. For those that slaughted Steve Forbes last season, I would argue that in him we had a better player than Warren and at least Forbes was on the pitch often enough to form an opinion on. I would assume that Warren will get another 4 match ban as it would have been violent conduct and his "previous" would be taken into account.

After his sending off the team fought their socks off. I was a little puzzled at the decision to only play with 3 in midfield, would have expected a forward to go off and have 4 in the middle so that we could compete evenly in the middle.

I agree with Gazza, we had the chances to win this, Nathan missed a sitter in the second half.

The goals we conceeded were sloppy, add this to one we let in against Staines and thats 3 conceeded since Trotty left and all 3 have been errors on our part. We miss Trott, fact.

The one thing that has really annoyed me was the Heybridge players reaction at the final whistle. What was that all about? They had beaten a team of ten men with a last gasp winner. Most teams would have breathed a sigh of relief that they managed a win against ten men. If we played any team with ten men i would certainly expect to take some points but to run the length of the pitch in a line and celebrate like they had won a cup final was unsporting and frankly a little embarassing to watch. Sure, they beat a local rival, but surely you need to be sporting in defeat and victory a like. As for Nicholls, the words "too big for his boots" spring to mind. A good keeper for sure, but a good sportsman, I dont think so.

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Would just like to say the way the lads came out and played that second 45 by imo taking the game by the scruff of the neck and pushing heybrige deeeper was a real credit to them. Would love to see a sky type tv thingy on ball posession cos i think it would have been about 60-40 in our favour and that says a lot with 10!! Cannot argue about Leon being awesome, and also made interesting reading in the programme notes. To think that he has been here 3 seasons with another to come speaks volumes in this day. Heybrige have game plans that does i am sure involve winding up opposition but that is just not an excuse for warren to overstep the mark again. Two things he needs to get rid of in his game (if he stays) is 1) no retaliation 2)stop trying primodona type passing/skills.


We need to obviously put a serious run together, but i really do believe the team are capable of achieving quite a bit. Just stick with it, maybe too late this season,maybe not. But they are getting there <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> Great effort lads!!

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one other thing, in the last two games there seemed to be some bad feeling between cousins and kerrer's and it seemed to continue into this game but I felt on saturday that kerrers had cousins in his pocket and put in some really hard tackles on Cousins, so much so infact, that heybridge switched him to the opposite side. Well done Danny, great stuff and an example to other players on how to impose yourself on your opposition and stay on the pitch!

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"For those that slaughted Steve Forbes last season, I would argue that in him we had a better player than Warren and at least Forbes was on the pitch often enough to form an opinion on."


For some strange reason when i read this im agreeing. Good thing with ryan being suspended means we will have a:


Forbes Game Hunter Dormer


Midfield. Which to me is an extremly strong midfield. When does wozzas Suspension start? i Think MJ will/should drop him on the trip to worthing.


one thing id like to say that really really really dissapointed me on saturday. At the tunnel After the game, Im more than happy to hear the abuse the heybridge players got as they were a bunch of cheats and extremly unsporting through out and got a very lucky victory BUT too see kids throwing stuff at the players was terrible. we cant let that happen at our club.


also What the Hell were the 2 heybridge fans doing at the tunnel/Bar??? You've already ovre reacted behind your goal and made a big deal out of it why come right round when your 2 against 75 and could of easily gone home in a bad state. It was pathetic of them.

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Only just had a chance to look on the Forum regarding Warren Ryan and his sending off. On Saturday some of us were at a bit of a loss to understand why he had been sent off and thought this was yet more refereeing incompetence.


Simon's report in Sunday NLP together with forum comments suggest that Warren deserved to be sent off - shows what you can or cannot see from different viewpoints round the ground.


Anyway assuming he got what he deserved then he should be ashamed of letting his teamates down (again!)- you cannot get away with retaliation.


It was a travesty that Matt Game did not start the match as he has been superb for us this season. His work rate is phenomenal he tackles hard but fair, AND accepts the bumps and bruises that any combative midfielder can expect. Likewise Nathan who I don't think has had a booking this season.


Warren Ryan would do well to learn from such well disciplined players who work their socks off week in week out without complaint.

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Matt Game didn't start as he was still feeling the effects of flu. Nathan was still injured from being hacked down the previous weekend.


The frustrating thing with Wazza is that he IS a good player but he needs to sort out his discipline. Lets show a bit of patience with the lad. Maybe missing out on 5 games will help him realise this time.

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