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Boreham Wood Trouble!

Duke of York

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I was pleased to see Boreham Wood put Crawley out of the Trophy. The result was a great advert for the Southern League East. It’s a shame the same cannot be said for their fans! Apparently they ran riot and trashed the club bar in the process.


web page


They have been drawn away to Accrington Stanley or Worksop Town in the next round. It’s a good job they will have to travel a long way for the next round. I hope the distance prevents the mindless idiots from travelling.


I hope their cup-run will take the players minds off our big game at their place on Saturday!

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Duke of York said:
Jim Cunneen said:
it appears the boreham wood forum has been taken down.

Here's the view from the Crawley Gate Steward's viewpoint:


Some "interesting" comments from the Crawley Folk.
I am sure it will all be lovely and friendly on Saturday when the Town visit the Wood. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/boxing.gif" alt="" />
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Man From Mars said:
Next saturday is quite a big game, I wouldn't be surprised if this mob show up for it.

The Boreham Wood group tend to only show up for the away-day matches because the police have them sussed at home. Everyone knows that the policing at non-league grounds is non-existent which is why they travel to away matches looking for a fight, because they know the police will be almost completely unprepared.

A lot of them are also Arsenal supporters, and Arsenal happen to be at home the day we play the Wood, so hopefully it'll be quiet.
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