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Revised Shopping List (GHA)

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Most excellent. Shopping list is as follows. By the way, am I in a position to tell people what to bring? Perhaps there should be a group concensus. Some things can be brought be everyone anyway.


  • Air Horns (As many as possible)
  • 2 Flares. Hopefully provided by EFM The Firm, The Voice. Any chance of one [color:"yellow"] blue [/color] and one [color:"blue"] yellow [/color]??
  • As many flags as possible
  • Loads of [color:"blue"] yellow [/color] and [color:"yellow"] blue [/color] balloons.
  • Ridiculous amounts of confetti (Confetti, ripped up paper, anything that could pass for confetti will do. No rocks though).
  • Streamers
  • [color:"blue"] Yellow [/color] and [color:"yellow"] blue [/color] toilet roll.
  • Bubbles. Millions of them. Everyone has to have a bubble thing. Bubble maker? God knows.
  • The drum????
  • EFM songbook 2002 - 2003


I can't think of anything else at the moment. If I do, I will get back to you.

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