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Right time to voice:

When Lee Harding took over this club he did save it from going under to which we are thankful. In the period since we have occured many many more debts rightfully or wrongly. It's a fair bet to say it was a gamble which looks like it may go wrong but we had 2 stabs at the title, a trophy semi final and now have a confrence ground. My own concerns about Lee has been what appears to of been his inability to get on with players and managers (I don't know one with a good word) in Lee's defence here every time I've spoken to him he's been really angry at the type of demands some of them had made and he's given into to (The current irony is the current squad is proberly the lowest paid but wear there heart on the sleeve and would surly of given us our top finish since 92/93) he seems to of rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way who have been associated with city for years which is unforgivable and appears to of surronded himself with muppett yes men with very little talent for the job that the've been entrusted with.

So we get to the debts, spiraling, defalted on aggreements, lies and rumours about the amount, we now know the amount (I think) and the job in hand!

The problem with SACFC has always been people thinking they are some big shot, I think Mr Colin "I'm the Travel Secretery" Harropp from years ago and ponces like Rob "I'm sooo important" Fenn and now we have another group cleverly discuising themselves as the supporters club.

In my own opinion if Lee went it would proberly be a good thing simpley due to the last couple of months, I spoke with Lee at the begginging of the season he told me about the type of money some players were on and that the wage bill was slashed for this season (something which I'm sure no-one can argue with), his exact words to me regarding City's forthcoming season's was "I think we're going to have to do a Hitchin and just survive for a couple of years" This suggests to me someone who has learnt a painful lesson there was no "we'll win the leauge etc. etc." as there was in previous season (the ones's that caused all these problems). If what is read is to be belived we entered into another CVV aggreement at the beggining of the season and although it took time the supporters club were invited onto the board. Now this is where it all happens The supporters club say NO we want you out, proberbly an opinion shared by many, but I see this as cutting your noses off to spite your face. Lee resigns (again) but more importantly withdraws his financial backing, hence the winding up order and this suspension.

My major problem is when the supporters club did this, where was the plan????

The supporters club has done absoultly nothing Mr Hardings poor financial managenment may of started lowering the coffin but the supporters club with there lack of activty have started adding the dirt.

Not sounding funny but if I stand at Kings Cross station and say I'm not getting on that train to Scotland fine but if I'm still standing there now, what am I playing at!

I have absolutly no confedence in Ian Rodgers or the rest of his croonies we have been suspended for 4 weeks when this meeting next week happens, 2 weeks from being wound up and we've not heard a word all we get on this board is sarcky comments from the likes of AFF and no action, when someone like cityfanday who I know, tries to set up fundraising ideas and contacts supporters direct in order to look at the possibility of helping the club he gets ridiculaed.

Lee Harding actually contacted cityfanday and seems keen for them to get involved.

It seems to me no-one is actally bothered and SACFC is just a social club to too many people who proberly don't give a toss if we play in the South Midlands Leauge (at least then we wouldn't have outsiders in). From what I can see the only person intrested in the club don't want the debts and wants to start again the SML.

Prehaps to clear the debts we will have to do a Hitchin, a suggsetion to the otherwise pathetic supporters club, set up a fundraising trust, take the place on the board thats offered and work together for the saints because all this petty sqwabling will result in the end of the saints!

Look at it like this, Feb 20th ALL OVER! or Berko take us over (SML) A mystery backer steps in (hasn't happened yet and won't) or work together a supporters trust and Lee, lets do a Hitchin because I for one won't be too happy taking my alcohol fueled pee taking to Pitstone and Ivenhoe "Your just a pub team from Buckinghamshire, oh you are actually"<p>SORT IT OUT! IF YOU CAN'T DO BETTER AND YOU'VE DONE NOTHING TO SUGGSEST TO ME YOU'VE DONE ANYTHING THEN JOIN FORCES!!!!!!!<p>The EFM website<p> <img src="graemlins/cool3.gif" border="0" alt="cool3" /><p>[ 31 January 2002: This message was edited by: webbo ]</p>

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Voice of the Firm,<p>Your comments about Lee rescuing the club from oblivion are correct and too easily forgotten by those who choose to jump on the Harding Out bandwagon; and I agree the supporters club could do more to raise funds; however, your comments about the CVA seem to be based on the “facts” that Lee preferred to those that actually happened.<p>Three supporters club members were invited to join several other interested supporters and the board members (directors that is not committee members) in meetings with Lee. From the off, Lee announced that he had arranged a CVA, was currently paying it, but needed help raising funds as the club was still losing money and therefore needed some extra cash to help balance the books. The meetings started positively, but there was some doubt over the details of the CVA. In particular, it was suggested that it had already expired contrary to what they were told.<p>Anyway, to get to the point, eventually the course of the meetings changed to an attempt to get those at the meeting to buy the club for a pound. Something we’ve heard a lot of lately. Unfortunately, there was a small matter of paying Lee or the Revenue the £45,000. And so the meetings ended.<p>This isn’t intended as a criticism of Lee, but a statement of the facts.<p>See you all Saturday.

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