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Millwall fans - A disgrace


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I wasnt going to mention this again but seeing as though I have been inundated with comments concerning their visit I thought I would do so anyway.

Goodness knows what my workmates think I do as regards the fixtures but I have told them its not down to me who we play. They have been told every time that I am but a mere supporter who goes to watch games & takes an interest & thats all.The fact that they know of my allegiance to the club was the reason they approached me in the first place.

The reason I am mentioning this is because it seems that as well as their fans getting booted out of Dreamland & the ground they also caused mayhem on Saturday night at Margate station. Seems fights broke out down there,bottles were thrown across the tracks where some idiot decides to smash them in mid-air.Pasengers were terrorised on the trains.Holdups of over 2 hours were caused.About 60 police had to attend. Someone was being pushed onto the track between the train as it was standing at the station.A stabbing was also reported.

Now lots of this might be over-exaggeration but I have had reports from several different people stating similar incidents.

Of course I told them that just because Millwall fans have a reputation it dosent mean they are altogether true.I also mentioned that other clubs supporters could easily behave in this way & that it was not MFCs fault that they decided to act like animals.

I think the club should,in future,however, understand that with clubs followers such as these trouble could well appear & that in the future they take more care as to whom they invite down here.Millwall has enhanced its reputation here because of silly idiots & they should not be invited again.Their club should also be informed of the behaviour by these fans.Maybe their club can look into it & deal with the culprits accordingly.

No blame can be attached to our club on this except to ask for better vetting of clubs fans in the future though obviously nothing can be guaranteed.

This is the first time behaviour of this kind has been seen down here so it should really be taken as a "one off" PROVIDED clubs such as these are NOT invited down here again unless they can convinvce everyone that there will not be a re-occurence of such events.

Millwall fans, you let you club down once again.

I have been asked to mention this & so I have.

A copy of this post has been e.mailed to MFC for any attention to it they may wish to make if any. More importantly a copy of this report of events has also been sent to Millwall F.C.

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I heard about the man who got pushed on the track numerous times, which my friends witnissed, but this may not have anything to do with the Millwall supporters. Remember we live in Thanet and there is always trouble. About a year or so a man was stabbed at Broadstairs Train station.

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I understand what you are trying to say Alex but in that instance the culprits werent here specifically for a football match hosted by our club. Also,you are perfectly correct to say that the idiots at Margate Station on Saturday may not have indeed been Millwall fans but I think it seems highly likely that they were judging by witness reports. Lets just hope that some lessons have been learnt from this.We dont need this type of behaviour brought in from outside to our town because of a football match that has been arranged with our club involved.Theres enough twats around here as it is.In fact that behaviour shouldnt be tolerated whatever the occasion may be.

I think I have highlighted this enough by now & hopefully satisfied many members of the public that wished it to be reported.


Below is a reply e.mailed to me today from Millwall Football club.I am glad it is being looked into. Hopefully they will sort it out and act accordingly.Many thanks to them for their speedy reply & for their best wishes to our club for the season.


Dear Tony,


Thank you for your email. The club is aware of 'problems' at Margate and is

working with Lewisham's Football Unit, Kent Police and the British Transport

Police to establish the full facts and assist in any enquiries.

We are also aware of four arrests including one Margate supporter that were

made on the day. In view of this, we will not be making any comment until

the full facts are established.

Good luck for the season.


Ken Chapman

Matchday Coordinator



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have to say after reading this,what do you really expect,seems margate fc have chose to play millwall as a pre season friendly because they are pretty close to each other in comparison to the rest of the country and that they knew millwall would bring a few down bringing money into the club

A day out to margate on a saturday is a catastrophe waiting to happen if you let millwall down,would of probably been better to play this game on a tuesday/wednesday night

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I think it is a grave mistake to tar all Millwall supporters with the same brush in this way.

I was at the friendly, and all I saw were decent, ordinary fans just like ours, with a numerous scattering of families. I am not saying there was no bad behaviour, only that I had no experience of any.

It was a very good opportunity for our team to try out against opposition from a higher league, and I thoroughly enjoyed my day out.

All clubs to a greater or lesser extent have amongst the ranks of fans some who are not entirely football supporters, but find that aligning themselves to a football club gives them the platform to indulge in nasty or antisocial behaviour. This is very sad, but a reflection on the way our culture is today.

Millwall have actually been well documented in attempting to change the culture in their club, and overcome the reputation of the past, and they are to be praised for that. If they suffered from having a few chavs tag along for a day out at the seaside to get bladdered and misbehave I cannot see how they can be held to account for it. It is not as if those types of people do not go to seaside towns for a similar reason without the convenience of a football game to fuel their nastiness.

I do not think it is fair to call all Millwall fans a disgrace, they were not from where I was standing.

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Well said June. Having worked in the Bromley area for a number of years I know a lot of Millwall fans and they are a credit to thier club. The vast majority of Millwall fans are good and loyal fans.


After all Fisher come from Bermondsey so by the rational of some people we should not be playing them on Saturday. I think not,I for one am looking forward to Fish Fan Joe and his mates coming to our beautiful Island on Saturday. Then having a drink with them afterwards to placate thier sorrow in losing to the mighty GATE.

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This thread was aimed at the Millwall fans that came here & caused havoc.It was not a slur on those that are genuinely non-troublemakers.


Unfortunately they carry the name of their club and as true as it is that not all their fans behave like this they do unfortunately carry the reputation of the clubs name with them. So when Millwall are mentioned anywhere,the fans,all of them (Millwall FC)get included in that bad reputation like it or not,right or wrong.


Of course not all their fans are like this. Those that DID cause problems should nevertheless be damned for doing so.


Another point well brought out is that without the booze factor I am sure even these yobbos would be behaving in a more acceptable way.


As for the arranging of the game I am sure the amount of fans they brought wasnt the consideration when inviting them here.They may have had enough here to cause the trouble but there werent enough here to swell the pockets of the club to a big extent. Not in the way that has been inferred above.


I suspect Trotty has some past associations with the club & as far as I know some of our players do too.Therein lies the reason,possibly for the fixture taking place.


Final point.I am sure,despite the reputation of the club no-one was EXPECTING trouble. Maybe concerned a little but most definately not EXPECTING it,despite their reputation.

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Gravesend troll still bitter that we took some of the best players you have had in years? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/bawling.gif" alt="" />


Makes a change from a Ramsgate troll.


See this Fleet moron has also been on the St Albans forum telling them they're going straight down too.

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This thread is about the Millwall fans visiting our area & causing problems. Whilst I agree that F4E seems bitter can we not keep to the topic of this thread.It is not about knocking local clubs.If F4E wishes to open a thread on club bashing(apart from those particular morons supposedly representing Millwall fans),then I suggest he open a new thread on the subject. If he cant control himself then I suggest he goes back to the St. Albans forum & wherever else he goes & stays there.

Lets try & keep to the subject of the thread.

Having said that enough should have been said on the subject by now so how about giving this a rest now? Just a suggestion. By all means continue if you so wish but I just feel it might be better to call it a day on this now!

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I wouldn't worry about Fleet4ever, Tony. He has yet to make a worthwhile contribution on our forum either.

I think all genuine Kentish football fans wish Margit continued success in their revival, and from our point of view it does seem a pheonix has arisen from the ashes.

We look forward to renewing our ould league bbattles in the not too distant future.

You have inherited some spendid ex Fleet players such as Jacko, Skins, Macca, Pinns and Provs, who will give years of yeomanlike service.

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my best mates a millwall fan and a bloody nice bloke,but he would be the first to admit that they have a hardcore hooligan following and the minute that following find out there is a day at the seaside with a bit of footy following their team you have a few nutters hell bent on some aggro

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"East side Urchin". You've it the nail on the head. When the club spoke to Millwall prior to the game they said that the reserves did not have a following.

I believe a combination of good weather it being a summer saterday and the chance of a beano in Margate was to much for their small minds to let pass by.

From what i can gather only a handful of the so called fans actually bothered turning up at the game. Of those that did my missus(works in the club house) reckons they were the worst behaved most ignorant bunch she had seen here. One was even caught nicking stuff(french bread sticks out of the kitchen).They were also caught trying to sneak bottles out onto the terraces.

If any one as any complaints about stewarding, i think they showed there worth that day.

I believe one of the stewards was hurt during the game. Does anyone know how he is?.

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