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Christian Metcalfe


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I don't know what you base your opionion on because he's had a couple of spells with Slough and as far as I can remember he has always been barracked by the same people and he still came back to us.


I think the reason he left us the Ist time was because we were relegated.


The reason Eddie gave was that he couldn't guarantee him anything.


He probably then saw the exodus of players and thought [****!!****], it's time to jump ship.


Sounds more logical to me.

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Simply a case of the club not being able to risk him being out for the whole season if there was was a re-occurance of his injury and still being paid I'd guess. I'm sure Mets would have loved to have stayed and Eddie would have loved him to have stayed otherwise.

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So you'll have a Slough player getting pelters from the Slough fans but a good reception from Maidenhead and a Maidenhead player getting a good reception from the Slough fans.



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The Plinth said:
Shame about Zidane going to them of all people, but top player, and bloke. Sad to see him go.
Think Drake would be a great signing! One of the best at this level

And Steve Browne and Leon Townley as the linesmen.

Talking of Greene, which club is Dennis gracing with his talents at the moment. The last I heard was that he was in some unspecified scouting role at Loser & Beaten waiting for Dave Carroll to get the sack.
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