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a). The U.N. Inspectors have announced that they have not discovered any 'weapons of mass destruction' during their unrestricted searches of Iraq.


B). The Iraqi government has rejected a perfectly reasonable request that their scientists should be taken out of the country to answer a few questions.


That's it. This is intolerable. More than enough justification, Mr. President. Get in there and bomb the b@st@rds.



[Does anybody remember the film 'Dr. Strangelove'? Kenny Everett with huge shoulder pads in the tank?. The lunatics have finally taken over the asylum.]



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Well that pipe across Afganistan should be in place soon so boom, boom, boom. Quite amazeing that everyone in the US who is involved in this "war" from the top miltary to the president himself are all oil people with major shares in US oil companys.

I don't want this war, no-one does, I vote in every election and Labour have lost my vote, which is a shame as Kerry Pollard is actually fronting the whole Labour anti-war movement.

Not sounding funny but I'd say North Korea was more of a threat to world peace and have we just given up looking for Osama.



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In the face of industrial action by members of the armed forces, the

government has announced that the Fire Service will, as an interim


carry out military operations in Iraq. The army, who have demanded a 40%


increase on the basis that their job has become rather more technical


1945, will begin strike action next Thursday unless a compromise pay


can be agreed in the meantime. It is understood that they will spend


time standing around little bonfires, rubbing their hands together and

waving at passing vehicles who honk their horns at them.


Crack Fire Service personnel, highly trained in playing darts, brewing


and sliding down poles, are understood to be on standby to take up front

line operations. Using their "red goddess" vehicles instead of tanks,


will race towards Iraqi lines and attempt to annoy the enemy into

surrendering by making a lot of noise and spraying them with water.


Prime Minister Tony Blair has already stated that the Fire Service


proved that a vastly undermanned service with limited training and

unsuitable equipment can perform the duties of a well-trained,


and well-manned professional force equally as efficiently and without


of life.


When it was pointed out to him that the bright red fire engines might


an easy target for enemy fire, Mr. Blair said, "Never mind, we've got


many firemen as it is - er, is that camera running?"


Asked for his comment, Britain's partner in the coalition in the war


Iraq, US President George W. Bush, said "Ooh, can I have a go on the


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I have to agree with EFMTFTV on this one (probably much to Zeals annoyance) Did you know that after the Bali bomb support for a war with Iraq increased signifcantly? 'Whats wrong with that? I hear you say, well, the Bali bomb was planted by Al Qa'ida, who have nothing to do with Iraq, in fact Saddam and Osama hate each other more than GHA and MAD. Like EFMTFTV says, why does Bush not want to do anything to North Korea? or Saudi Arabia for that matter (which has much stonger connections to Al Qa'ida)

I'll try not to get political on here in future, but do any of you have nuclear fallout shelters in your back gardens? I'm just asking because in February, if you want to carry on being alive, it'll probably be a choice between one of those or joining Zeals cult!

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i woulnt worry to much about a nuclear strike.. only the u.s.a. russia china france and ourselves have the nesessary hardware and more importantly the delivery systems to seriously fk another country up...even one of those nukes in a rucksack dirty bombs wouldnt do that much damage in the overall scheme of things .. oh sure the few thousand it would kill or condemn to a vastly shorter life would be a tad miffed but in the context of the whole country more damage was done each night in the blitz

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only the u.s.a. russia china france and ourselves have the nesessary hardware and more importantly the delivery systems to seriously fk another country up...

Which is exactly the point isn't it - Iraq haven't got the capability.

More scary is the fact that France do!
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Just want to point out that NOT all Americans support this insane war or their insane president. Beck's parents lugged him down to Washington to protest on the Mall against the first Iraq war, and they'll damn well be there again if need be. (Can Beckett go on 28 day loan for antiwar activities?)

We are not alone. Many, many Americans oppose being the playground bully. Too bad Tony the Lap Dog has signed on to ride shotgun for the cowboy.

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Iraq is an easy target, was watching 'Iraq and a hard place' on Sunday.. The problem is that Iraq and Al Quaida are totally different things.


Al Quaida believe in the secular state, a Muslim Taliban style government based upon some pretty fundamentalist views. Iraq is a straight dictatorship.


Iraq has only comitted 1 act of terrorism outside it's borders, that's by taking Kuwait. I know they gassed the Kurds, but it turns out we did it first.


If America want to focus on the causes of terrorism, they should be looking at Isreal/Palastine and Kashmir, which are far more volatile.


Or perhaps someone would rather go in to a war they could easily win rather than dealing with the more real issues??


I think the world would be a better place without Saddam, just think the US might have got their priorities wrong.

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Hi 'old man'. Happy New Year.


I can't believe that Bush will 'go in' without unequivocal U.N. support.

I can't believe that Bush will get that without finding...wait for it....weapons of mass destruction.

I can't believe that he will go in without support from the neighbouring Arab states and I can't believe that he will get that etc.

I don't believe that there is universal [nor anything like it] support from the U.S. people or even among the intelligent ones in Washington for war.


So what are 60/70/80,000 American and British tropps doing in the region?


Where have I got it wrong? So tell me.

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it happens.. bush and most of the current u.s leaders dont give a toss about the u.n... its a great oppertunity to secure loads of oil.. then they can get after the real nasty scummers in saudi arabia.. its a 90 min game as they say, and this is just the pre match warm up..

maybe septics in the north east and on the west coast may feel all touchy feely about this but get into mid america and they dont give a [censored].. half of em couldnt point to iraq or afghanisthan on a map.. we are getting involved cos we will gets lots of money from redeveloping the oil feilds we get to test out new war toys and the americans will give us lots of new ones to play with, always handy should we have to kick it off with another country in the future...

one thing you can say for the u.s. is that normally when they smash a place up they dont hold back the dollars when they put it back together (see europe after world war 2) if they had won the vietnam war that place would be as rich as south korea now as opposed to being as rich as north korea.. im the long run iraq could end up as a very prosporus democratic western frdly state in a crucial part of the world.. the guys in charge at present wont let a few thousand civilian casualties get in the way of that little plan

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Wouldn't mind getting a friendly between Bedford v Al Quiada organised as I am pretty sure we would out sing em and still get a result....I can picture it now, behind the goal, 1 nil Bedford, all getting a bit rowdy.. giving it Os, Os, Osama, Ho, Ho, Homosexual.....probably



Sorry to [****!!****] up your highly intelligent and very real debate.



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