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Which of our swans take on the ducks


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Not quite a lost cause (the league) but we must start the regular collection of three points against teams such as the ducks So a)-we must not lose


B)- less than three points and we move closer to the impossible

Therefore do we blood and thunder the remaining games or go for "play to feet" Canvey pass and move football

Picking a team with our huge and talented squad determines even fans favourites being left out

I go for a composed passing game using proven performers plus Rudi








subs, Proths





A)-We must not lose (4-4-2)

B)-We must stay composed and playing for 90 minutes

It is a possibility to select a dozen or so teams from our squad capable of performing in the minds of the selector







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"play to feet" has got to be the answer,all of our successes have been by playing this way,I would rather see Benno in midfield until Rudi has proved himself by making a few more substitutions.

What a shame we didnt start the season with the squad we have got now,I think we would have been well on our way to the title by now!

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Protheroe is suspended (misconduct)


I'd go with pabird on the team only, (although it doesn't make much difference) I'd swap Rudi & Minton around. For those who went to Chesham look at Minton in the first half down the left overlapping with Matt Jones and Rudi last night playing out wide on the right, (his natural position) and letting JK slip into the centre on occasions.


I might consider replacing Crow with Ross Johnson and putting Cowan on the left mid-way through the second half.


BTW - It was good the put a face to the name last night pabird!!!


Matt <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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I reckon that we need to play traditional Canvey football. We have got players of real class, and surely the Aylesbury game is one we should walk. The spirit within the team is high at the moment, and after watching the reserves tonight it is clear that every position has competition. I would like to see Duffy's final ball improve, though his pace and control has been good. Must admit, I agree with Basil-don in that Rudi musn't be allowed to walk into the team every week due to his status. I would play:




GK Potter

DC Cowan

DC Johnson

DC Chenery

RWB Kennedy

LWB Duffy

MC Minton

MC® Ruhanen

MC(L) Forbes

ST Gregory

ST Boylan



GK Harrison

DC Ward

D/MC Bennett

MR Lee

ST Berquez


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Go with most of your feelings but for the Rudi Jeff thing

When we came under threat in the last two games it appeared to be because tactily we did not have a center mid-fielder recovering to in front of the back 3 or 4

I would see Rudi (better tackler) recovering to "in the hole" in front of the defence and jeff m being the player who predominantly supported the forwards from the mid-field and he should recover to being the player available for controlled clearance from the back

Is that to complicated?

Duffy and JK to recover in support of the defence on the flanks

PS glad we met

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The way Minton is playing at the moment he is a MUST to have collecting the balls that come out of defence and then using them to set up the next attack. Nobody in the team can hold onto the ball in the way that he does - not since we lost Stimmo and Tilly.


After his initial hesitation on Tuesday, Rudi's distribution was very good. Once he has learnt the players names and faces this should improve even more.

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Merv interesting read on the N.Vic site

They played 3-4-3 against Barrow IE the logical defence against 3-4-3 is 4 at the back or you have their attack constantly one on one with your defenders

Making our logical make-up 4-4-2 or we really do get arrogant against a side which should be at least our equal

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The 'hole' that you refer to is what makes my heart skip a beat every time I see opposing forwards running at out defence. The three at the back at Hitchin were superb at getting in that all-too-important final tackle and clearance (a Wardy speciality as he comes sliding in to clear). But attackers shouldn't be getting through the hole in the first place and I hope that with his sharpness, Rudi can drop back and plug that particular approach.


Also, on a similar note, ever since the days of Steve Porter we have been suspect at the high cross to the far post. I've lost count of the number of goals lost when the ball comes over to a deserted far post, with just one attacker lying in wait. One of my match reports mentioned that Trevor and Jan were going to park their caravan at the Canvey goalmouth far post, as it is so quiet over there. Hopefully, Cowan can dominate any aerial bombardment of the 6yd box and head the ball away with a degree of accuracy.


My biggest fear is that the next team to come out won't look anything like the one you listed above that, with a bit of compromise, so many of us like the look of. Instead, Jeff will feel the need to give a 'run-out' to one of the others in the squad of 25+. The result, lack of consistency apart, is that some of the above mentioned who don't get a game will think, "Why do I bother?" and morale will sink again. At the moment it seems quite high with players staying on after training for a drink and laugh and so many non-appearing players turning up for away games.

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