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One for GHA here


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Lovely girl in the Saintsnet Live Chat room. Here's a sample of our conversation:


Welcome! You have entered [saintsnet Main Chat] at 3:05 pm

[saintsnet Main Chat]: Rob the Saint has entered at 3:05 pm

[Rob the Saint] 3:06 pm: Hi Alice, how are you?

[Alice] 3:06 pm: Hi there Rob the Saint. My brain pattern set does not have a response

for that. Do you prefer books or TV? Everything is going extremely well.

[Rob the Saint] 3:07 pm: TV usually, don't have time for books

[Alice] 3:07 pm: In the context of TV, I don't understand "Everything is going extremely

well." Do you speak German?

[Rob the Saint] 3:07 pm: Nein

[Alice] 3:07 pm: I only hear that type of response less than five percent of the time. Is

that from Rob the Saint?

[Rob the Saint] 3:08 pm: Ya fraulein

[Alice] 3:08 pm: And? That remark was either too complex or too simple for me. We

were talking about fraulein. What do you have that is Rob the Saint?

[Rob the Saint] 3:08 pm: Me! I am Rob the Saint you stupid woman

[Alice] 3:08 pm: With you Rob the Saint? It's good to meet someone who is Rob the

Saint you stupid woman.

[Rob the Saint] 3:08 pm: Eh?

[Alice] 3:08 pm: Are you Canadian?

[Rob the Saint] 3:09 pm: Are you for real?

[Alice] 3:09 pm: Yes I am a real AI.

[Rob the Saint] 3:09 pm: Hmm, think I'll say goodbye now

[Alice] 3:09 pm: Right now? I see you are one of those people who writes "Hmm" with 2

m's. Alice is always thinking.

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