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oh dear ramsgate 4.1


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Blues with Soul. said:
You must be embarrassed conceding more goals away from home than any other club = 21 (+ Ashford) including four defeats leaking 4 goals each time.

I thought the Rams have leaked 29 goals <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
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I think its an embarrassment the number of goals we have conceded,and to lose concede 6's and 4's is truly shocking.


Our inconsistency will ensure we fall short of the play-offs i fear.


Goal difference could make all the difference and even if you are losing, every goal conceded counts,and we should have fought to lose 4-1 at BW and 3-2 against Staines.


Why oh why are we so sloppy in defence.It annoys me so much

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Oh its not that bad Michael. There are only 7 teams who have conceded LESS than we have so that means there are 14 others who have conceded more & to counteract that we have SCORED MORE than any other club.So we are not in a similar boat to most in terms of goals conceded but are top of the pops for goals scored.

WE also have the joint top goal difference at this stage together with Heybridge. Conceding goals is happening to most teams & whilst I agree things could be even better we are at least less worse of than many.I do think you are being a little over-critical here.But again I agree theres always room for improvement.

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True,& not a bad way to judge sometimes but the overall picture sometimes tells a different story.I think it does in this case.

Like I say though & I cant stress this enough,there is always room for improvement in EVERY department so maybe I am agreeing with you in part.

Our biggest asset would be that CONSISTENCY. Thats a big big winner I think.If that includes letting in less & scoring more then again I am in some agreement with you. But the consistency of WINNING is the one we need whether its by 1 goal, 3 goals,5 goals or winning 1-0, 4-2 or even 7-6 (i.e).

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