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Fans Forum - Dec 20th

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More info:


A Fans' Forum is to be held in the Club House on Wednesday 20 December, 2006 - 7.00pm for a 7.30pm prompt start. Chairman John Gibson and manager Colin Lippiatt will on hand to take questions about both the club and the team. Ian Ridley will also be in attendance. In addition, there will a presentation on a new fund raising initiative, that will benefit both the club and the fans.


We hope to welcome a large number of supporters for what promises to be an entertaining and pre-Christmas get together. Please try to make it, you will not be disappointed.

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Hi Laz.


I was there along with 55 or so Saintsfans.


I'm waiting to see if the Official Web-Site is to publish any form of summary of the matters discussed, but if it doesn't I'll put something up under various headings for the benefit of those what couldn't make it. Late today, as I'm rather busy in t'office at the moment.

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It was fascinating, cityman. A real pre-Christmas treat. You know how your Mum/Grandma bangs on about "A Festivalof Nine Lessons & Carols from Kings College" on BBC 2 on Christmas Eve? The Queen's Speech at 3 pm on Christmas Day? The Concert from the Vienna State Opera House during the period? Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart at Great Ormand Street on Christmas morning? 'It's a Wonderful Life' starring James Stewart? "Bing Crosby in 'White Christmas? The Morecammbe & Wise Christmas Show? 'Merry Christmas Ev'ryone' by Slade?


Well the Fans Forum is now right up there with that lot.

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AFF said:
The Concert from the Vienna State Opera House

Very impressive building.
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Did you give him one?

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O.K. In the absence of anything on the Official Web-site, I'll have a bash at a quick summary for the benefit of those who were unable to attend.


Around 55 or so fans attended. Ian Ridley began proceedings by announcing that the club is to institute a lottery scheme. Flyers will be available at t'Park and you should read it, but, in essence, the scheme involves the selection by a fan of two numbers each week and if one of those numbers comes out of the National Lottery hat first and the second is the bonus ball, that's a winner. It will cost £1 per week and the winner(s) will share 40% (?) of the total 'take'. This is a joint venture with a private company, but the club will take a large slice of the profits. Ian referred to a number of other Non League clubs who are in this thing and specifically Banbury United who have 1200 in it with attendances of 250 or so.


The meeting was addressed by the Chairman and Colin Lippiatt.


There were various questions raised of Colin through the evening who dealt with them all in his usual fashion. Scott will be training in earnest at the end of January. Ben Martin is on loan at Arlesey to gain match fitness. Ben Walshe has left the club by mutual consent in view of his work commitments. Colin hopes to extend Eliot Benyon's time with us until the end of the season. There will be some changes in January and Colin is looking at two or three new faces. There was some discussion about late substitutions, the absence of Ricky Perks from the bench at Yeading, and the difficulty of keeping players' match-fit while on the bench. Life is tough as a part-time team in the Conference Nationale as we knew it would be. Colin's relationship with Gibbo, the Board, and the Committee of the Supporters Club is excellent and always has been. And the fans.


Questions came from the floor and were answered.


There were some criticisms of the catering and bar arrangements and the Board will consider the comments although the point was made that it is difficult to make changes mid-season.


A lengthy debate took place regarding Paul Hakim. The view of the meeting was that the player had been naive and that certain Third Parties may have taken advantage of that. There has been confirmation from the F.A. that The Mighty Saints acted properly throughout, administratively.


There was reference to the Club's various intiatives to encourage youngsters to attend matches through contacts with the Schools. Mrs Gibbo has primary responsibility for this stuff. There have been four schools matches at t'Park before League games this season. One fan volunteered from the floor to assist with promotions at his child's school.


The Club intends to re-establish a Reserves Team next season, and to form a Centre of Footballing Excellence through a combination of the PASE set-up and local Yoof organisations.


There was some discussion concerning a relocation of the ground. The roundabout at the bottom of the M10 is now unlikely to feature. [i always said that the roundabout just isn't big enough for a football stadium. These 'Consultants', huh? What do they know?]. Gibbo spoke positively that a 'Working Party' of six Councillors, two from each party, has been established to consider options wih the club and it is clear that discussions are ongoing. Relations with the Council are excellent, apparently, and the profile of the club in and around the City has never been higher in his view. He hopes to have more positive news regarding a possible site within the next 3/6 months.


Grants from Sport England and the Football Foundation are available 'once only' it would seem. By that, I came away with the understandoing that if the club seeks a grant for, say, a floodlight upgrade, now, we can't then apply again for a biggie grant to build a new stadium a couple of years later, but I may have misunderstood the Chairman there.


There was a brief reference to financial matters and Gibbo suggested that the losses of the company that is the club are off-set against the profits of the parent company.


The appointment of a Commercial Manager at the beginning of the season hadn't worked and at present, Roberta (sorry - I don't know her surname)is assisting with commercial promotions on a part-time basis.


Err. That's about it.


Apologies if I have overlooked anything there as I wasn't taking notes, and as I was at the back of the room, I couldn't hear all questions clearly. Please correct that brief summary as necessary.



That will be 500 guineas plus VAT. My fee account is in the post. Oh allright. As it's Christmas, you can have that lot for free.


<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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