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Margate and Stevenage


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Firstly, well done to the hardy souls who made it to Hereford on Saturday. The journey home must have been pretty grim. I think we've now reached crunch time if we're going to rescue this season. 6 points from the next two games is a must. So lets get out in force for these games and really get behind the lads (whoever Andy picks). We can make such a difference but we have to be positive and as bloody loud as possible. We all want to watch Conference football next season so it's up to us to play a part.



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The journey home was grim. But it wasnt as though we had been thrashed. Two goals were really mistakes and the last was inevitable when we pushed forward. i strongly think we should have 10minute half times and get out there warming up like Yeovil and Hereford have done in the last two games - there are soooo many websites posting stats for second half performances and the fact 45-50mins we are very suspect!! Im certain that Yeovil and Hereford new this and warmed up to hit us then.


Up the Fleet and as much noise as possible!! Come On!!!

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I'd be willing to try anything to stop the evil malaise currently infecting our beloved club.

Let's try the second-half warm-up, it's worth a crack.

In fact can we just look at getting that white witch in who appeared to "save" Southampton last season!

But seriously, how do we account for the other 11 league defeats?

Answers on a postcard please.......


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