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Did anyone else get one of...

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...those 'why the [****!!****] would would I want one of those' type presents? Well I got two!!

First, the only time I wear socks is with boots in winter and they are predominantly white sports jobbies. Summer it is Birkenstocks, or if on a social occasion and shoes required, then I use the wife's pop socks. Not a fetish thing (stop tittering at the back), but I find them more comfortable (I feel a Borat moment coming on).

But no.1 sister-in-law not only buys me three pairs of black socks, but with 'Dave' printed on them! How uncool is that?????

Secondly, the only connection I have ever had with Perry Groves is that I live in Essex and he played for an Essex club - ie Colchester. Tenuous enough, but yes, you are one jump ahead here I can tell...sister-in-law no. 3 bought me 'We all live in a Perry Groves World'...What a [****!!****] Liberty...

Sister-in-law no.3 however attained a few brownie points by purchasing a Chilli box set for me...which was nice...

Happy New Year folks!!!


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Bummer, I didn't get anything horrid enough to gripe about. Sorry to hear about the socks! I have never understood why anyone would think socks are a fun gift. crazy

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I certainly can't complain !


Chelsea Stadium Jacket.


Re-mastered CD of 'Dark Side Of The Moon'.


Some great PC games, to mention but a few.

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