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Billericay 1 Hayes 1


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An average game between two average teams. Jamie scores a spectacular overhead kick to score and then we seem to lose interest in trying to score another. Sure enough Hayes get an equalizer, I was not in line but wasn't the goalscorer offside?


After that we seem unable to pick up the pace again and the game fizzles out.


Nice to see some away supporters create a bit of an atmosphere though rather than the usual one man and a dog we get behind JJ's goal.

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i thought we played some decent stuff in the first half and should have taken more than jamie's unbelievable (in many ways) goal advantage into the break.


the second half was poor, some of our players seemed to run out of gas/lose interest (hopefully the former) and hayes eventually scored with what looked like another decent finish after a mistake from the normally dependable mooro. (couldnt see if offside).


as rod said hayes were average and this is definitely a case of 2 points dropped. any idea when duggie and ollie are likely to be fit anyone?

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Don't think it was any conincidence that our most lively player was Gary Ansell who didn't play tuesday! Hayes didn't have a game midweek so were a touch fresher and I think that showed.


That said i thought we were good value for the half time lead, possibly could have had more as we got into some good attacking positions. Willo had his best game for some time IMO, for me it was between him and Ansell for MOTM.

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Would agree with Rod and jl. It is a pity that no subs were used to shore up the midfield 'cos Hayes were running straight through us in the 2nd half.


Okay I know Fewings came on but if there is no service from the middle of the park, what chance does he stand to make an impression on the game?


Over all, 2 points dropped. Shame really when we did so well at Sutton.

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2 points were definitely lost, after the performance against Sutton I thought we would beat Hayes. At least some of our rivals slipped up Basingstoke & Sutton losing and Purfleet and Hendon drawing.

Ansell looks a good signing after his performance, does anyone know when Ollie and Duggie may be back?

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