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Its all change.

Richard C

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On all the other sites it is all just speculation, he is apparently announcing something tomorrow. The point was made that he said he was going to pay off the creditors!!?? It sounded great to Joe Public, but in fact he is the main Creditor!!!! Anyway Speculation of interest, but staying up and supporting the Fleet is more important.


Up the Reds.

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Hmm... Westley to Stevenage, Mrs Westley to take over Farnborough. Is there a relative that could manage Southport?

Plus you have to ask how long this association has been going on behind the scenes. Stevenage having beaten Farnborough twice this season!


<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

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Stevenage Borough Football Club - Press Release


Stevenage Borough have confirmed the appointment this afternoon of Farnborough Town's

Graham Westley as their new Manager. 34 year old Westley resigned his post at

Farnborough this morning, just days after leading them out at Highbury in a memorable

FA Cup 4th round tie against Arsenal.



Westley has managed for 6 years and has built a remarkable track record in his 3 and a

half years at Farnborough. He won the Ryman League Cup in his first year at the club,

created a Ryman record of 16 consecutive wins and earned the Ryman League Championship

in his second. He steered the part time club to 7th place in the Conference at the

first attempt and has led them to the fringe of the play offs this season, alongside a

successful FA cup campaign culminating in a 4th round tie against mighty Arsenal.




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From Farnborough website:


Westley departs to Stevenage

STEVENAGE BOROUGH announced this afternoon that Graham Westley will be joining the Herts club as manager just three days after taking Farnborough to Highbury in the FA Cup fourth round. According to Stevenage's statement, Westley is joining purely in a footballing capacity on a three year contract, with a brief to take them into the Football League.


Westley issued the following statement to explain his departure: 'I've enjoyed my time at Farnborough but I feel that I need to move on now and that I need to concentrate on football management which is where my ambitions lie. Doing two jobs is unrealistic at this level and above. Especially when you run another business too. I've invested much of my life into my dual role at the club in the last three and a half years and I hope that the successes which have come about have made the fans happy and have earned me some respect. When I arrived in 1999, the club was on its knees."


"As I depart, I believe that the club is in fantastic condition relative to the starting point. It has won things, enjoyed the highs of the Cup 4th round, should finally be close to being debt and liability free and has a great chance of pushing for the play offs. With a strong local leader, it may even be able to convert the current board's spadework into a new ground in the next few years."


"As soon as it is practicable, unless a better solution emerges for the club, it is currently my intention to gift the shares that I own to the other existing shareholders (the club's fans) and leave the club to build on the foundations which have been laid."


"I hope that everybody will be able to recognise the footballing goodwill in this." he added.


Vince Williams, currently the football secretary at Boro', has agreed to act as interim General Manager. He commented: “This is a sad day for the club. I, for one, appreciate the efforts and success that GW has brought to the club. I believe that Graham is leaving the club in a most honourable way. The club is in a much healthier state following his leadership”.


Westley’s final words were directed towards Williams. “Many reporters wrongly damned Vince after I explained the weaknesses in our infrastructure and in his experience in relation to the Arsenal game. But let me leave nobody in any doubt; he has been a fantastic servant to me. His hard work, professionalism and flexibility have been vital ingredients and I wouldn’t hesitate to employ him again”.

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From Stevenage website:


'We have a serious battle on our hands and we need a strong willed, no nonsense manager who relishes a challenge, can win that battle and then turn us into championship challengers next season. I've always been impressed with Graham's leadership, directness and fierce ambition and have kept an eye on his progress for some while.


He's achieved success at Farnborough without the support of an established full time infrastructure, such as we have here and with the distraction of also having to work as a board member. As well as managing the team, he's obviously had to deal with the non-football aspects of running a football club, something that I know he has not enjoyed. He's stated his ambition to become a top flight professional football manager and to do that he needs a structure from which to progress. Stevenage have a burning ambition to be a Football League club and already have the structure in place so our goal is to achieve our ambitions together with Graham heading up the football product whilst I, along with my board, drive forward the commercial and business side''


''To be frank, watching our football team struggle in the Conference for 3 seasons while everything off the pitch has flourished is heart breaking. Our off-pitch revenues, activities and facilities outstrip their targets year after year and continue to improve even with falling gates, but this is a football club - we just can't go on being successful commercially with mediocre results on the pitch. Stevenage is a big club, with big potential and it's about time we had a young, ambitious, experienced manager who has Conference experience, can drive us forwards and make us proud of our results on the pitch. Graham can do that. I knew there were restrictions on him at Farnborough which meant that he would have to leave if he wants to achieve his managerial goals, but that didn't stop us from head hunting him. It's not been easy to persuade him to leave the formidable team he is building at Farnborough, especially in view of their FA cup success, but I believe he can unlock our on-field potential and that together we can achieve success for Stevenage Borough on and off the pitch. Graham joins us in a first team managerial role, with no board involvement or equity interest whatsoever. We've agreed a 3 year contract during which time I have tasked him with delivering Football League status. He has attracted high quality players previously and forged them into formidable teams. I expect him to do the same here and I hope he can do it quickly to get us away from the threat of relegation. He is a very capable, motivated manager who knows where he's going and only cares about winning. I have a very similar outlook on running the business side of the football club so it should hopefully make for a dynamic partnership. If Graham is successful and leaves us after 3 years for better things with us in the 2nd or 3rd division, I won't be complaining and neither will our fans. Our joint agenda is therefore clear and we both know the game plan''


Commenting on the replacement of caretaker team John Dreyer and David Preece, Wallace said ''Both John and David have done a great job for us and have the boards' utmost admiration for their professionalism. However, I did say that I would only disturb that partnership for something significant and this appointment is certainly that. The capture of a young, proven manager with his best years in front of him, together with his backroom team, will have the financial support of our board over the coming months and years. Our first priority now is to strengthen the team immediately and achieve the most important task facing us today - safeguarding our Conference status''




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My suspicious mind also lead me to look at recent results .
How about Farnboro beating Woking 5-0 the game before losing to Stevenage by the same score .
And of course Stevenage didnt need to speak to anyone other than Westley about any approach as he was chairman as well .
FA investigation , I think so !

So do most of the comments on Farnborough's messageboard.
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Reports suggest that he's taking up to 10 Farnborough players with him!!!

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />

According to today's Times, there is a conference rule banning the transfer of more than 2 players at a time between conference clubs. So it may take a while <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
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