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Lets all laugh at

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fantastic,arsenal are having one of the worse seasons ever,especially following the irons beating us for the 3rd time in a row,but after all the yids gloating over the last year or so,it is nice to see them back to where they really are,a two bob side from north east london who will be playing in only 3 competitions next season,mugs!!!



Martin jol is great he has f*cked you up like ossie did you mugs!

how much longer will you settle for mid-table mediocrity ??




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Originally Posted By: urchin_mentalist
Martin Jol is tactically inept ! Over the past 5 games at [****!!****] Fart Pain they have been good, but showed true colours tonight infront of all of the country on telly ! UNLUCKY !!!! Your an embarassment to england. Great finish by Malbranque !

Mentalist m8

You really should take it easy on the sauce, some of your late night posts are showing what you gooners are all about. doh

Remember your lot have hardly covered themselves in glory this season and lost to a very poor PSV side, At least we were beaten by a very good side who over the two legs just played better than us,no embarassment in that.
We are a young inexperienced team at that level and it showed,hopefully they will learn from it and come back stronger.

Anyway,I thought most English fans followed English teams in Europe, I for one would have liked to see any of the English teams in Europe win a trophy and hopefully will in the Champions League.
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Originally Posted By: Nutchutney
Arsenal may have been knocked out of the Champions League (remember, the one we stopped Spurs getting into) by PSV (current leaders of the Dutch league) but we will be playing in Europe next season and still doing better than Spurs with their delusions of grandeur.

Get your facts right peanut bigshock
West ham stopped us not your bunch and as for PSV PSV 0 Liverpool 3 says it all
Europe next year probably, I wonder which competition though seeing as your lot can't score in a brothel biggrin1
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