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Barking 2 (2-0) 3 Basildon United

Ryan Doyle (2) Att 72 Dean Russell : Jake Marsh (2)


Bowers & Pitsea 1 (0-1) 1 Romford

Brad Davey 88m Att 79 Paul Clayton 44m


Burnham Ramblers 3 (1-0) 0 Stansted

Mike Burrows 20m 81m (p) Att 54

Kye Ruel 56m


Clapton 2 (1-0) 2 Barkingside

Andy Richardson 20m Att 20 Warren Bennett 58m

Joel Carios 74m Terry Scothmor 79m


Concord Rangers 1 (1-0) 0 Sawbridgeworth Town

Michael Hart 45m Att 56


Eton Manor 1 (0-0) 1 Brentwood Town

Luchien Ntolla 57m Att 35 Tommy Lee 78m


London Apsa 2 (1-0) 0 Southend Manor

Mo Dakri 10m Att 20

Shahid Ahmed 80m



Scorers Heale 30

Allen 27

Bennett 23

Gallen 22

Carr 21

N Cowley 20

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Let's get it right time ..... Dennis Russell for Basildon United, Joel Carlos for Clapton, Michael Barrows for Burnham Ramblers, Terry Scotchmer for Barkingside but .... one I did get right and the NLP got wrong.... the Brentwood Town free kick was from Tommy Lee and not Nicky Cowley ! Apologies to all these lads for the typo's !

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Originally Posted By: coupwotcoup
Don't say too much, but isn't it noticeable how they have improved since Jenks left? Hi Jenks :wave:

I'm not going to bite on that one! Oh alright I will! Always happens...end of season results mean very little compared to the season as a whole! Oh plus the fact it was 10 games before their first victory!!! Lets see how it is after the first 10 games of next season. Time with the baby is much more precious!
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