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Good Morning..........


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to you all.


Hope you all had a good weekend.


Whats instore for the week ahead ???


We have Fizzer coming over on Tuesday, another tough game for us.

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Yeah real big week for your lot this week smile



I'll pop over and discuss your formation when you are ready wink



Did you get the stuff OK ?



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The match seemed to be petering out into a 1-0 win for the visitors until a strike in the first minute of injury time by WILLO from just outside the box after a half clearance by Epsom caught Epsom keeper Dave Tidy wrong footed as it bounced into the net.


Willo, Willo, Wwwwwiiiillloo


He gets the ball and he scores a goal



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Originally Posted By: Teflon
Would rather play than train Johnno,

Do you play on a Sunday as well ?? cus they can be fitted in on a Wednesday smile

Would prefer to play than train of course. Used to play Sundays regular last season but only 3 or 4 games this season.Havent played Sundays since before xmas. Would never play Sat, Sun then Tue.
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Mornin' you work-shy layabouts using the bosses 'puters.


Tuesday, away to Chertsey.


Saturday, home to Ash, so I might get to meet some of you.


Teffers. Big Girls will be training Tuesday till 8:00, but I'll deffo try and get down for the 2nd half, so get a firm grip on Fizzer's wallet, and I'll show you how to prize out a white fiver for bar use !


Now I must search westwards and see if Park Boy is checking his ground for Division One football next season !



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We are off to the lovely Meadowbank on Tuesday when we take on Bookham, Will be a good game if the last 45 were anything to go on. And after Saturday's performance against the Chicks it will hopefully continue into tomorrow were I hope 3 points will come but wouldn't mind a point as I want Bookham to stay up.


Then Colliers Wood on Saturday! Is there ground any better yet?

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