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Team of the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Credit where credit is due gentlemen, an absolutely amazing performance by St Margeretsbury!! Must admit i was shocked and then had a psychological dilemma to comprehend over some beers...


was i:


a) disappointed because St Mugs had won and all but saved themselves cry




B) absoluetly wetting myself at the dirty swines from up the road getting stuffed by a team near the bottom!!!!! laugh


Common sense prevailed and i chose option B!!!!!!! I'd like to give special credit to former Colney Heath number 1 Gary Statham for coming out of self imposed retirement and keeping the score to single figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It hurts me to say it but I suppose the team of the weekend has to be Royston Town for their resounding 5-1 win yesterday, I assume everyone is in agreement. Fair play too to Holmer Green for their hard fought 0-0 draw at Chalfont St Peter.

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NeutralFan - I made St Margaretsbury favourites for that one.

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Whoops, I'm sure I read it was 2-1 on Mitoo... even better then!! See you Weds

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No worries Tubbsy, glad i helped motivate an established premier club to stay in the division. Bet there were some high6's going on in your clubhouse when they knew you were above us!!


I'll just have to take plenty of wickets and bowl a few sharp bouncers when i'm up your way playing cricket this season!!


Good Luck with the cup!!

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