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Woody SUFC

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Dull end of season game but i would like to say thanks to the players for one of the most entertaining seasons i've seen at the club!


As for the panto at the awards do...i honestly thought i was going to die laughing! Good touch getting the youth team down to the awards speaking to a few of them i'm not sure they knew what to make of it all!


Ben Porter had a clean sweep on the awards and deservedly so

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didn't think much of Paulton, keeper was a good laugh!


good night after, and well done to Ben Porter having a clean sweep, first time i think i've seen that at windsor, and nice to take some money off terry in the process wink

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9 changes to the team-sheet meant you couldn't really judge how good Paulton are. I guess we would have done the same and rested players if you knew you had a playoff game looming on Monday.


My preference for promotion would be Paulton as it was in the middle of nowhere and awkward to find [wouldn't want to do it on a cold dark Tuesday night!].


I think Swindon could do it as they seem to have luck on their side [2 games abandoned whilst losing and picked up 4 points from the consequent replayed games]. Burnham on their day can beat anyone but I'd rather keep another local derby. Taunton could be the team to fear as they've finished the strongest and only made the playoffs due to other results going their way.

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Thanks for the day out yesterday. Apologies that the only first team regular to play 90 mins was our keeper and glad he entertained (well he is from Norfolk!). I thought both sides ploughed away on the pitch in an end of season furrow! Our reserves have had a difficult season and the seven lads who were playing their annual SL game did OK. As for being in 'the middle of no where' amen--as the quality of life and cost of living is great in Somerset (I speak as a North Lincolnshire emigree). So I hope we do see you again hopefully in the Premier, but we have the little matter of Taunton tomorrow.

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Scunny no offence but i do hope you go up. If i have to relive that car trip i had down there mixed with the man flu AND smithson and ballboy in the same car and then a 5-0 drubbing AND to get stick off the lino at half time i think i'd have to do myself in!!


So [****!!****] go up! Besides taunton is a very very good day out!

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Taken from another forum


"Was anyone at the Paulton Taunton game?


Paulton centre half was sent off ad then ran 80 yds to try and fight the taunton fans!!!


After the game their manager then had a pop at Cook from Taunton as he was walking off!!


It was like watching park football - funny but at the same time disgracefull!"


Seems their fans didn't learn!!



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