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A New Stadium

Roy gnfc

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Now is the time to be thinking of a new Stadium.The work on Ebsfleet International Rail station is underway now,so why not have the Stadium in the same area.All the infrastructure would be in place,including car parking,and after all,a 10-20,000 seater would take up relatively small area,which was after all Blue Circle SPORTS GROUND and lost forever.With plans for a massive increase in housing and population surely recreational facilities will be required so now is the time and the place.I think Stonebridge Road's day's are numbered,so let's have some foreward thinking and have a Stadium to be proud of!!

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Firms who build these hundereds of houses in the area must bear a large part of the cost,you can't have a large population with no social outlets.The Stadium need not be just for football, but a centre for everyone.It's time Companies such as Blue Circle Ind.put something back into the area,I wouldn't mind it being called "The Blue Circle Stadium"(sounds great)if they financed it.

Is there ANYONE out there who could set the wheels in motion.At least we could try.

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I've never worked out why a Company like Land Securities would want Stonebridge Road. They probably bought it as part of a job lot from Blue Circle. With us as sitting tennants they can't develop it. Why don't we contact them and ask if we can have the freehold for nothing. I'm sure they are very nice people who would be glad to help an up and coming but extreemly poor football club


<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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That's precisely what happened Ronnie.


When LaFarge took over Blue circle they were not interested in the property portfolio, and so they hived it off into a separate company, and the whole lot was then sold to Land Securities.


Mind you they don't seem to keen to sell us the freehold.

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a perfect new conf or div 3 ground would seat 2.5 thou on the main side 1.5 thou on the other side and have covered terraces at either end for a 6/7 capacity..and be nice n tight on the pitch a 10 or 20 k stadium with a track etc would be terrible . how many houses they building down your way then? i thought it was all happening in thurrock and up the M 11

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There is a development about to take place in the West Quarry, next to Bluewater Canv, I cant remember the exact number of houses but if memory serves me correctly it was circa 20,000, )or that may have been the number of people)


someone help me out here, I'm going into waffle mode.

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Now that the proposals for the Eastern Quarry have been published , detailing the building of 7,250 homes all within a 10 minute drive from the ground. ( Could be completed within 5 years )


I think that we should all congratulate Brian and the Board.. Rather than do a Wimbledon and relocate to a new town, you've done the opposite and relocated a new town right on our doorstep. Well played ..


Just think of all those potential new fans flocking down to Stonebridge Road.


If we can keep going the way we have over recent years, theres nothing to stop us achieving attendances that we could have only dreamed of, a few years ago.



I know that this point has been made on this board before, but I suppose that we have and will discuss with the developers of these new projects, ( Ebbsfleet , Eastern Quarry etc ) the idea of them donating cash, workmen etc in order to do up our ground.

The areas on the up and up, and surely its in the developers interest that we also have a stadium that befits such a place.


Lets ride on the new wave of optimism and prosperity.


Fleet onwards and upwards


A previous post on this subject back in November - C'mon lads keep up !!

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If the clause I refer to still exists then all credit to the current board , as with our term on the lease it could well be that they want to relocate us before 2013 .

The previous board reckoned on a site at about 10 o'clock from The Halfway Line ( standing to the right and two steps back from our stanchion ) behind Northfleet Industrial Estate .

Chocks away .

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