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England V Brazil


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Not looking to make any profit at all from this ticket, but i can not make the game so i have on offer

1 ticket for sale its a £50 ticket behind one off the goals Block 132. Row 24 Seat 269.The Special delivery prce i paid for the ticket was £4.95.So if your interested in the ticket at the price I PAID no extra apart for the delivery charge PM me.

This sale does not breech any rules set out by the FA as it is for resale at purchase price, i`ve checked with Soho Square.

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Last time I saw Brazil play was in Franfurt against SCOTLAND. 1974 World Cup 1-1 draw. One of the 5 best players I have ever seen play Rivelino.


Does anyone elsr remember the 1974 World Cup? Oh sorry you English had the slight problem of a keeper from Poland sorry to remind you all of that. wink bleh

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Was that the World Cup the two Scottish players ran into each other and left the New Zealand player to walk the ball into the net.............no think that was 1982


Or the World Cup that Ally MacLoud (spelt wrong I know) claimed the World Cup was in the bag before losing to Peru 3 - 1 and drawing against Iran...........that was 1978.


England might have had problems with a Polish keeper in 1974 but Scotland have not been noted for the keeper at all. The closes that England have to Scottish keepers is Paul "there was a divot there" "air shot" Robinson

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