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Don't you mean the Slough firm?


As I say I'd be up for that and I'm not bothered whether its Friday or Saturday.



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hi there dave programes hope all well

and sorry for not attending the fun day reminder


i will poss be up for that film as was going to go alone or with elizerbeth as you no my girlfriend maybe she could attend too or just me. i am at the annual donkey derby on burnham park priory estate 1200/ 1600 so other local oppertunites to meet up also best eve say but last bus to sainsburys taplow and long walk but maybe have to live with around 2300 or so


hi domm charlie marcus matt martin and all god bless

hope to see you all soon or even on sat but almost cirtanly the agm and any pre season friendlys or entertainment

also on another post the big player graham roberts of course played for spurs and us slough town




belated posting

dave programes

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Hi Dave,

I'm afraid I have already booked the tickets for just marcus, martin, matt, liam and myself as I didn't look at the forum before i phoned the cinema so I didn't know you definately wanted to go... best thing to do is to phone up maidenhead cinema and see if they have any tickets left - though what with it being a bank holiday weekend and halfterm there might not be many.



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