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Steve Irwin

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offline South Mouth

South Mouth
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  • Joined: 7 May 2004
Come on lads. So what if Ken makes some comments like that. Your only having a go because you know that he posted them. If he was anon, you would have probably just moved on and not given it a second thought. He was not saying anything about him but about the circumstance of his death.

Ken, i thought your posts were funny and i do not see why everyone has to be offended by this. This is a forum which means that if Ken wants to say something, he can and if people are offended, dont read on. He wasn't offending someone personally like what has happened on here recently. This is a different thing and others have said much worse. Look at another thread. You dont have to read on, you know.

Although i feel for his family, i think it was bound to happen. This has happened because he antagonised animals for entertainment. Sometimes an explanation of what they are and what they do is good enough. Why prod them and make them scared or angry? I've never been a fan of what he did. They are saying that Stingrays only attack when threatened. Yes, he helped animals with his other work and he will always be held in high regard for it but the bloke should have known better and now because of his carelessness, he has made his wife a widow and children fatherless. He knew wildlife on the ground and how to avoid danger on land. Antagonising a dangerous creature underwater means that he would not have the same reaction time.

I'm sad that he's dead but the facts are that he was very irresponsible and the price he has paid is losing his life. How very sad and tragic for his family that they have to suffer because of it.

offline ken

  • Reserves Coach
  • Posts: 1,872
  • Joined: 1 May 2003
Ok this is going to be my last post on the subject. I am absolutely mesmerised that people have taken offence by anything posted on here. I do not find it funny that a man has died, but I do find it amazingly funny that he died in ironic way. As I found jokes about the death of the Queen Mum, Diana, Ayrton Senna, Rod Hull, John Smith, Tommy Cooper, Freddie Mercury, Richards Whitely, 11th September, 7th July, all 4 grandparents, my dad and myself twice to name but a few. For this I make absolutely no apologies. I have a dark sense of humour and I feel this has only improved my life. Jokes about death have been around forever and they always will be. There is a reason these jokes float around so quickly (I heard the Ayrton Senna jokes before I even knew he was dead), it is because they are funny. For people to suggest that threads are closed down because ‘a few’ people are offended is an absolute disgrace, the internet is one of the few bastions of free speech left in this world and to suggest censorship is terrible. If it isn’t illegal then it is fair game.

I am sorry for the people who were offended, not that I offended them, but that they are unable to take joy from the sad things in this world. And for people who feel this post shouldn’t have been on a football forum, why on earth did you open it, der!

As far as Mr Irwin goes I have nothing but respect for the conservation work he done. Saving this planet should be near the top of everyone’s agendas, but by entering an animals environment and scaring it,

"It probably felt threatened because Steve was alongside and there was the cameraman ahead, and it felt there was danger and it baulked. It stopped and went into a defensive mode and swung its tail with the spike." Benn Cropp (the cameraman in the incident)

Is not the way to bring this massive issue to the public. You don’t show people the life of a lion by jumping on its back, you sit about a mile away and film with a massive lense. If he hadn’t interfered with the animal he would be alive today.

offline MbrunoB

  • National Squad - 1st XI
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So the point that you are making and I have myself is that as soon as you introduce something, i.e. a group of people as a cameraman and soundmanare needed during filming, and begin interfering with their normal actions then you are no longer actually seeing an animal in its natural habitat and way of life.

offline YELLOW

  • First XI Coach
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I gave up reading half of that thread!!!

offline smallsy

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it was actually quite interesting if not repetitive

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