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The run-in...


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Eight games left to play; 4 at home, 4 away.

Harlow, Wealdstone, Heybridge and Folkestone at home.

Hornchurch, Ramsgate, Leyton and Harrow away.

There is no reason why we can't achieve the maximum 12 points from our four home games. Away from home: surely we must beat Leyton? Rock-bottom, doomed to relegation, it must be three points, mustn't it? As for the others, I think three draws would be a respectable three points. Consequently, we would have achieved 18 points (five wins, three draws) from our last eight games and would surely give us a good shot at reaching the playoffs?

What are others' thoughts?

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I remember this topic and the end of last season and then we went and lost to Slough (I think it was slough)


I would go with what you say, but I would expect one loss, not because any of those teams are better than us, just because it always seems to happen

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Yeah seem to remember us having a shocking end to the season last year: from potential champions to missing out on a playoff spot. One of those dreadful results was that point at relegation-doomed Slough. Maybe I spoke too soon re: Leyton? tongue

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A draw at Slough - but it was a poor performance.


One defeat in eight "might" be OK so long as it didn't come against Ramsgate. Having said that, I'm confident about beating them, it's inconsistent Folkestone that could spring a surprise.


But it does look like it "should" be in our hands.

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As has been said, we have to be looking for 12 out of 12 from the homes.


The aways are all tricky in one way or another. As for Leyton, we often screw up against 'stranded' teams - Slough last year, Redbridge the year before that.


I understand Charlie Mitten is out for the rest of the season (broken hand). Folkestone had an 18-year-old in goal last night.



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