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Survey Result - price for adult admission 08/09


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Survey Result : How much do you think adult admission should be for 2008/09 ?


Over the last couple of weeks I have run surveys on the Ebbsfleet United Focus Forum and the MYFC Forum. 152 people gave their views, 54 Focus, 98 MYFC.


The replies were as follows,


Under £10 3 2.0 %

£10 41 27.0 %

£11 8 5.3 %

£12 32 21.0 %

£13 52 34.2 %

£14 8 5.3 %

£15 8 5.3 %


The Average Price works out at £11.95


£13 being the highest individual choice at 34.2 %


27.0 % want to charge £10 next Season.


55.2% want the price to be virtually the same rate as this year as they chose £12 or £13.



If you want to make the distinction between old fans and new fans,


Price Focus MYFC


Under £10 1 2

£10 13 28

£11 3 5

£12 15 17

£13 20 32

£14 2 6

£15 0 8


Average Focus Price £11.85

Average MYFC Price £12.01

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Thanks for getting back to us with the answers YF.


What do they tell us? Well, the 14 MyFC and 2 FF supporters would want to see a price INCREASE should really just feck off for a start!

Was good to see parity about the £13 price, with both sets of fans making this their most popular choice. Goes to show that although we moan about the price, we realise that its needed to fund the club.

Would love to see the club be brave and go for the £10 option, but how much would that cost, factoring in the extra discount for Season Tickets? Is it a cost the club would be considered to put up with as a season long trial to see if the reduced price led to an increased gate? And if it was a failure (in terms of increased numbers), how would fans feel about it jumping back upto £13 the season after - it would look like a 30% rise!

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There was no intention to "mess up" your surveys, YF. Please don't ascribe ulterior motives to people like Wee Willy Winkie does.


The people who really foul up surveys/votes/ownership are those who have multiple memberships. We are already aware of a number who have fessed up to this (despite the "One member, one share" rule) and there are others "lurking", to use a Will word, including media and business types who want to keep an eye on things and be able to access the website and forums etc. They may at this very moment be exercising their multiple votes in the election. And it's not for me to say, allege or even think, but has been alleged by others elsewhere, that some of these might even be Will's own proxies. Because of the way things are structured and the lack of TOTAL transparency, you have to admit that this is a possibility.





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This thread is about Yorkfox's survey on adult price admission. Let's keep it on topic instead of getting sidetracked on your particular spat with Will Brooks.


Yorkfox, I voted on the myFC survey and see from the results that status quo at £13 is a popular option. The mean average price is interesting, but perhaps not as useful as the modal average ie. £13.


I suspect if you had an option of tickets for £7 or £8, this woultd have got the odd vote or two (just because it was the cheapest) and therefore the mean average is highly affected by the options given.


I guess I'm trying to say that the modal average would seem to be the best figure to take, given the reasonable range of options that people could vote for.

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I did have the option of under £10 in the survey. In calculations I used £9 for that. The very small sample of the survey makes all answers open to debate, although you could argue that the number of replies was about a quarter of Tuesday attendance ! :-)


The average price was just included for a bit of fun, but was interesting in the big them and us debate, both figures were very close.


I tried not to interpret the figures, just present them for what they are, just a snap shot, but that said 2 things caught my eye,


Over half, 55% seem to think £12-£13 is about right,


However, over a quarter, 27 % would be willing to give the £10 option a go.


All depends on the amount of revenue needed to run the club.

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You price it too low...........You lose revenue, because you will never attract the extra numbers to make up that lost revenue.(History!)

You price it too high.......You lose revenue, because you lose numbers who are unwilling to pay the extra.(History!)

You keep it as it is, the worst you will do is stand still, and as all your members fees were supposed to be adequate to run the club, why alter the prices in the first place?

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Originally Posted By: Chatham Gary
I have always an advocate of variable pricing, according to the opposition and day of the week. Difficult to reconcile the pricing for season tickets, though.

Thats always going to be a problem - unless the amount of 'special' games is strictly limited. Otherwise its unfair on those who willingly stump up £200 plus, often before the current season ends!
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One suggestion made by one of our group on Tuesday, which I thought particularly meritous, would be easy to implement by the club and would be fair to all, was have a Fleet loyalty card, stamped at the turnstiles on matchday (or next to Kenny's hut) - get 10 stamps, get a match free. It works very well in most major Coffee shop franchises, could be worth exploring here?

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Interesting idea CG, a person puts £130 into the club, then gets £13 free. Similar ratio to a season ticker, maybe less generous , which is probably right as a ST holder has put the money in up front. I will add that to the possible article which is mentioned on another thread.

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I suggesed a mini , 10 match season ticket to Brian Kilcullen a couple of years ago - and the trial was adopted.I'm not sure it was very popular as fans would still have had to find £100+.

It does prove that the board do listen to, and if worthy, act upon ideas from the fans.

I actually think the loyalty card is a great idea, as it does offer regular, 20 games per season fans who cannot afford the lump sum for a sea on ticket the bonus of at least 2 free matches.

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Aff, I contacted the Football Conference, and you are correct .


" The Football Conference does stipulate a minimum charge of £7.00 for admission to all matches in the Blue Square Premier.

Clubs may vary the operation of this rule in respect of admission of juniors and senior citizens or other concessions they deem appropriate. "


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