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Kennys' Kids away travel idea


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I have just posted this on MyFC and thought it should go here as well. All ideas welcome!


Not sure if you all know Kenny but he sells programmes and generally gets the songs started. 'Eeeeeeeee ooooooooo!'


I had the pleasure of travelling up to London on the train with him yesterday morning and he asked me if I could post his thoughts on here about kids and away travel as he is not really on the internet.


The basic idea is this. The future of the club is the younger generation and Kenny says that there are never that many children at away matches compared to home ones. He has opened a bank account in which to save up money so that travel and entrance can be paid for the kids to get to away matches and sample the atmosphere at the different grounds that we visit on our travels.


Obviously this is the basic idea and will need to be thought through for varying reasons which is why he asked me to put it on here for a brainstorming session on the best way to implement it.


He already has about £100 in the pot which is great as he isn't going to start it properly until next season.


I suggested that the funds could be augmented with donations in the form of loose change. I, and I am sure most of you, have a jar at home in which coppers and 5p's accumulate.


I usually let this fill up and then put it in the missionary box or charity envelopes that drop through the door.

However, I suggested to Kenny that it would be a good idea to have a collection box in his programme hut where people can donate.


There is about £3 or £4 in there in the moment so I will give him that at the Cambridge match to start the ball rolling.


If everyone donates their coppers to Kenny, then we'd have quite a tidy sum I reckon.


Thoughts and ideas on the best way to implement this idea are welcomed and I will have a chat with Kenny at the Histon match on Tuesday about the best way to move forward.


Up the Fleet.

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I'd save it for the next home match Stu otherwise Kenny will have very full pockets.


I'm not sure of the best way to get it to work though but it is a really good idea.


For obvious reasons it will need to be done properly.


One for the new board maybe?


I'd never spoken properly to Kenny before yesterday. Top man indeed.

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Is a great idea, but insurance,police checks,child minder traing etc etc,in this PC world!! as I said brilliant idea, but unless your going to pay for the parent or guardian, then I can see it not being workable. If you want to help kids into football,Try sponsoring local kids, I wonder how many would like to play soccer and cannot afford the kit, sponsor a Ebbfleet youth player etc get them interested in the game.

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Yeah, there could be problems setting it up but in principle, the idea is solid.


I was thinking along the lines of arranging a minibus/coach for local schools and getting them in for free that way.


The teachers could then do the looking after bit. He said he wasn't planning to go live until next season so we have the summer to work out the best way to do it.


I have suggested he gets a collection box and makes a sign for his hut.


He's certainly got my loose change.

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If a parent paid for his/her own travel and ticket, maybe Kennys fund could cover the childs ?


An Adult could be paying £12+ £13 for his day approx,


a child might cost an extra £6 + £7


So finding £25 instead of £38 might be the difference in a father / son going to a game. That relationship is vital, how many of us started that way ?


I agree its one for the board, but top marks to Kenny for the idea, I hope we can help him make it happen.


When I was at Leicester, they ran for a short while a coach to an away game for members of the family club, a safe area at Filbert Street. I would be about 16 ?. I went on it a couple of times. One thing I would recommend and this has stuck in my head for nearly 30 years, we got back in the coach and somebody gave us all a can of pop, packet of crisps and a chocky bar, wouldnt have cost a pound. Made the day that.


Suggest an away ground that isnt too far away, and no chance of trouble. Lower coach costs. Something like Woking maybe ?

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I agree that the kids are our future. Maybe it would bb better for kenny to buy a load of kids season ticket thingys and then give tickets away to kids who want to go.


Kenny is a golden bloke who bleed red blood (in a fleet kind of way) and will always dip in his pocket for a cause.


I have A few quid in my van that ill dig out for him in next couple of weeks.If the idea doesnt take off , maybe the money raised can go to sport relief , children in need or something similar

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I agree with Keith that MyFC will embrace this idea as well, as soon as they notice it. It may require setting up a PayPal link of some kind for non-locals to contribute. But this is exactly the kind of idea many MyFC members have been calling for. I've got a big jar of change, too. I'll get it into my account so I can send a contribution as well.

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Great idea in theory, but just one question springs to mind.....=Do the un savoury abusive swearing oiks that link them selves to kenny and the gang at home matches, apear with them at away matches? if so, i wouldnt want one of my children to be in the company for a day.......

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1. the unsavoury oiks dont travel away,


2. this again just shows what a legend kenny is, he lives and breathes this club and i love him for it. i had a great train journey back aldershot with kenny and lost what remaining voice i had left after the game singing at waterloo station. moments i will never forget

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