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Billericay - Carshalton PREDICTIONS!!!!


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Billericay 2-0 Carshalton

Goalscorers: BWG and Hunter

ATT: 760


we need this win so lets gear up for tommorow and fill that stadium not only with people but volume we as us the fans need to put in a better vocal performance so come on ricay lets do this thing and act like everyone who is associated with the club actually really want this promotion play off place. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!

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It all depends which team turns up for us. After a start of season with loads of strikers we are really struggling to score goals. This is putting pressure on our midfield to chip in and it is a real struggle.


Just keep up the effort lads, if we get to the playoffs if it be great after a roller coaster season with lots of injuries and managerial changes. Really an up and down season and we really must applaud our squad for getting us to the first round of the FA Cup and still in late March having a shot for the playoff!!

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I'm with upda & Blue fan on this one. Loads of goals!







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I hope the only flurry we see today is a flurry of goals from us,


Even to see Joe Flack on the bench could big up the atmosphere for us and the team today, But i would not want to see Joe or our managers take any chances unless Joe is deemed fit enough.

Weather is looking good so far but it doe's look a bit crappy in the distance.




Billericay 4 - 2 Carshalton


Goalscorers: BWG 2, Lee Hodge 1, Joe Flack 1, (Live in hope)


ATT: 826


SHOE....... ARMY....... IS......... RECRUITING....... IN....... YOUR........ AREA



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I am playing some rousing muisc which I beleive we should all partake in...


...A round of "Jerusalem" when the lads come out to stir things up...


...Ahhhhhhh... now that would be a sight and sound to behold. Every man jack of us launching into Blakes classic...Never will happen...


And did those feet in ancient time


Walk upon England’s mountains green:


And was the holy Lamb of God


On England’s pleasant pastures seen!


And did the countenance divine


Shine forth upon our clouded hills?


And was Jerusalem builded here,


Among these dark satanic mills?


Bring me my Bow of burning gold:


Bring me my Arrows of desire:


Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!


Bring me my Chariot of fire!


I will not cease from Mental Fight,


Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:


Till we have built Jerusalem,


In England’s green & pleasant Land.


Stirring stuff, in my opinion...

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