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Wembley Warm Up

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43-47 Marylebone Road

One review:

I went to The Globe during mid Sunday afternoon, the beer was cold and good quality, served by friendly Australian barman with an unusual Mohawk hairstyle. The homemade pie was a supreme meal, if somewhat pricey. The Globe's a nice place.


Friendly Australian eh?

Football, Wembley, Beer, Homemade Pies....Valhalla?


So how do you get to the game...back onto the Tube to Wembley Central?

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The Globe is where the red circle is.


As you come out of Baker Street you will see the picture above, it literally is across the road.


Getting to Wembley from here.


Go to Wembley Park, not Wembley Central. Wembley Central is a bit of a walk but is well sign posted. However if you go to Wembley Central then you won't get the enjoyment of Walking down Wembley "Olympic" Way.


Wembley Park is on the Metropolitan Line. Both Baker Street and Wembley Park are on the Jubilee Line but has a lot more stops.

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I was hoping for a decent real ale pub on top one of the tube stations on the line to Wembley Park. The Globe is certainly on top of Baker Street, but looks a bit boring for us beery people: Courage Best & Directors & Theakston's Old Peculiar, not that this will bother Harry, who is capable of drinking John Smith's. bleh The Metropolitan across the road is in the Good Beer Guide - but it is a Wetherspoon's, which is not everyone's cup of tea, so to speak.


Perhaps we could all end up in one of these, or move between the two, depending on how (over)crowded they are?





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You'll have to get there early as Torquay fans are also planning to stop off at the Globe en route to the Arch! As you can see from the photo, one of our guys (in a yellow top) is already there!


For thoughts on other pubs, see our thread here:






Bruce a.k.a. Northumbergull

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A Few of us "young-uns" are meeting at gravesend train station. for about 10ish and playing by ear. i have something else to celebrate on top of the obvious (fleet winning the FA trophy) my Birthday, so i plan for a long day and a VERY late night, no matter the out come, i will have something to celebrate.


there is already a group on facebook - i will post the link later on today!

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