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Monday's Ticket Meeting


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Yes there is!


(Taken direct from EUFC.co.uk)


Season-ticket holders

The club are reserving a selection of Wembley tickets for season ticket holders until Tuesday 15 April (the date of the Farsley Celtic game at Stonebridge Road). Tickets for the side of the pitch and behind the goal will be available on production of the priority vouchers in seaon-ticket holders' red books. Two tickets can be purchased per season ticket. Season ticket holders will also have the option to buy more than two tickets before or after this date, availability permitting.


Supporters at Stonebridge Road

There will also be a selection of tickets reserved for sale at home fixtures with Woking (5 April), Aldershot (8 April) and Farsley Celtic (15 April). These are for supporters who regularly attend Stonebridge Road but are unable to get to the ground during the week to purchase tickets.

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I would be grateful if somebody could claifly the ticket arrangemnets for the 10th:


As people will know I am based in cardiff and due to football committments down here can only get back on certain weekends.


will tickets be available to buy over the phone, or do you have to buy from the ground.


one last question is there any limit as I am looking to buy three tickets.



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Originally Posted By: rsheard
That's a move in the right direction, yes? Still wish they would be available for purchase online, for convenience sake, but then I don't know if they could guarantee they'd go to season-ticket holders.

Yes they would - get season ticket holders to quote their SEASON TICKET NUMBER when ordering , confirmed against the application form held by the Club . Us long term season ticket holders know that ...
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2 tickets each in this section would potentially be a problem for some, though - I am planning on bringing my 2 kids, so unless my father were to help out, I couldnt guarantee both my kids could sit with me in that section.


I know it says you could get more tickets for the section before the deadline, "availability permitting" but how can anyone know what the availability will be before the deadline expires?

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Yeah. About half of the tickets are for non regulars but I think that might be the way to do it. Probably at the Woking match.


As someone said (it may have been you actually) I don't want to sit next to Eric the Red, Tommy359 or Arne from Munich!


I equally don't want to sit next to a coachload from the Somerset Arms who have no idea who they are watching.


I'll be happier when I have all this sorted.

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