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Esl player playing international football!!!

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Originally Posted By: Hookey
Can't be him, he's normally found here!!!


Deadbeat,Hookey...harsh but fair! grin
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5 times aint bad for you jelmeister. Me = 1 in a poxy league cup game at Hullbridge , 54 starts out of 55 possible games this season mate !


is that 5 times for Romford or 5 times in total for romford enfield and Burnham ?


Great result last night by the way , when we played Barking last week i thought they were a solid team.

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Trenks my vote for player of the season mate. You are back to your old majestic self.

Like u was before Lee "Loves a Dribble" Perry came back to Burnham and you throw a hissy fit!! lol


5 times in total for all 3 mighty clubs i think, if im wrong i would love someone to correct me tongue


Barking are sh*t so i must assume that most of the players you played againest have done a runner!!

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ha ha when did i throw a hissy fit !!! I was only dropped for one game that year and that was for Shavesy against concord and i took it on the chin !!!


Jel i need a left winger for the rep side ! think youre up to the task ?

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Im sure you can get a better winger at Step 3 o4 but you'd struggle any lower!! lol


Are you asking me if im availible??


If so, im gonna call all my Yardie relatives in Birmingham and get them on a Ganja filled coach set for Hornchurch in May!!




If im in oor if im not. I will be there, the last game was hilarious!!


Smallsy = Andy Johnson

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