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Paul Agu


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Do you mean same one that trained with first team that Saturday when game was called off Tony? If so, no he isn't same bloke I don't think.

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When they went to play on the five-a-side pitches & had the mini tournament some guy unbeknown to us at the time,played in goal for the legends in one of the teams. That one!.

It certainly does look a lot like him from that picture.That guy on the day was very nimble & impressive.

However it was just a thought anyway & thanks for that Alan.May have been someone in that case that the Legends brought with them just to keep goal on the day,thinking the game would be on on the main pitch. A.N.Other then.

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From what i have read on this forum, ScS has had a few shity games so trott, and the powers that be go and sign a new keeper!

Now i haven't been much this season, mainly due to work and other comitments, but when i have our defence has been horific, so how comes we haven't gone out and brought in a decent Centerback or two, am i missing something here...?

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I am sure RT knows exactly what he is doing, but you do wonder at times.


Mid season we were signing right midfield players ad nauseum-at one stage i think we had 11 players who could play right midfield.


Now we have 5 goal keepers. !!


Never mind that since last May we have had manager induced (players released without replacements lined up ) central defensive issues.


I want to have belief, confidence and patience with the bloke(Trott ) but he does not make it easy does he

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He does look like the bloke who played at Sevenoaks. Thought there was only one trialist definitely worthy of a second look that night - the winger called Seb. Not heard of him since so if the Sevenoaks game was effectively a trial it seems a bit pointless when the best trialist by a long way didn't get another chance.

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