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Matt Jones at Rushden and Diamonds

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Cracking game, especially extra time, just flicked through the video of it and Aldershot won the pens 4-3. And as well as spotting Matt Jones I also noticed ex-Ricay "legend" Abdou El Kholti come on as a sub for R & D in the second half of ET !

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Originally Posted By: Iron Webbo
Matt played for Garry at both Heybridge and St. Albans between 96 and 99. Not sure if they were together at Dagenham.

According to interviews with Matt around the time of the Swansea game, he played for Hill at Daggers too, including 2001 when they nearly turned over Charlton in the F.A. Cup.
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Take a joke smallsy.


Matt was a nice bloke and still is by all accounts but i think we have moved on now.


I will only post this reply once ... Whoops another joke fall's by the wayside.

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sorry BB forgive me for not picking up you sarcastic tone throught the internet waves transmitted from my PC!!! dark3


perhaps the use of a graemlin may have lightened the impact of your post. hairout



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Indeed Smallsy.

Strange that i only asked at last weeks game if anyone had any news on Matt.

Good luck to him where ever he ends up.


I'm liking your hair-out gremlin very catching.

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