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Fisher Athletic Make History


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Fisher are to become the first senior club to have a female manager.


On Wednesday 18th February 2009 - History will be made as Donna Powell, the clubs turnstile operator, has been promoted to 1st Team Manager for the game against high-flying Eastleigh in a full Blue Square South league fixture. Powell, whose family have strong links with the club was set the task by Chairman Martin Eede of raising

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I'm not against it because it's a woman, more than it sets a dangerous precedent of people buying their way into management and making the game a sham. How would you feel if Mark Chittock became our manager?!

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Guest MOB on the rock

Can you imagine if our turnstile dollies replaced John!



I can see Donna picking the team based on who looked best in tight shorts, Kara would be next to her bucket and sponge in hand praying for Leon to go down with a groin strain.


All the best looking players would be kept on the bench so she could watch them warming up!!


I do not even want to think about what would go on at half time!!!

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Originally Posted By: ken
but didnt we have a manager for years that was only there because he paid money into the club?

Haha, good point! Saying that, he did seem to do a pretty good job of it to be fair!
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Originally Posted By: PittsieCIFC
by all means good luck to her

but from that im guessing its just one game in charge? that could go really wrong as it says its against high flying eastleigh and has she ever done anything like tha before? i add, i could see it all going a tad wrong

Don't think it really matters. Fisher are all but down anyway.
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Nope, none of the women in my family like football!!

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Just seen this posted on the Bedford forum


Originally Posted By: BTFC_Rock
from nonleaguedaily.com:


Blue Square South club Fisher Athletic have been given forty-nine days to pay the Inland Revenue a figure thought to be in excess of

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