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Winchester game

Fuzzy Royal

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Finished 2-1. We created alot of chances and it seemed like it was going to be one of those games as chance after chance was created! On another night we'd of walked that but i dont think the pitch helped. Winchester battled but really would of been happy with a point and that cost them.


With Totton drawing hopefully we can make this a two horse race and beat Truro at their ground!! Plenty of twists and turns to come but i'm enjoying every moment!

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I agree, after a shaky start and going a goal down we dominated and they only had a couple of chances. When we scored I really could see the match only going one way. Again I didn't feel they were particularly poor, it was just when we got going we always looked like scoring. You would have to say last season we would probably have drawn that game.

It was a bit like watching us play Bracknell at times, bobbly pitch, frustrating at times and always worried they might score and get a point, on the rare occassions they threatened our goal.

Chatting to their fans after the game and they reckoned we were the best team they had seen down there, nice group of chaps and chappesses we bumped into on the way out.

Ah, but we are top of the league, at last!!!!!! Lets stay there

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As per normal another good team display but again Wilson in the middle of the park looked to be the stand out player.


Thought last night was totally different from Sat. If we had won 4-0 I don't think Winchester could have complained. I don't remember them having a serious effort on goal apart from the penalty, although they did have a couple of lively players up front who looked threatening but fortunately they didn't get much service.


Still can't work out why there was only 1 minute of stoppage time in the 1st half when the ball had spent most of it behind the goal and in the car park etc.









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Tilbury scored the first with a netbuster from around 5 yards after the keeper had made a good save from a header.


The second was vintage Chenns, he casually side footed home a good cross from Fagan.


The highlight has to be the Tilbury goal celebration, jumping into the fans behind the goal. Woody took a smack in the face in the ensuing melee.


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I dont think i've laughed so much at 3 people in a row!! Looked like the Adams Family!!! And Doris winding up one of their officals too set me off!


Indeed i did get a smack in the face and if anyone from Winchester is reading can i get the video evidence? Where there is blame there is a claim! wink


Hopefully that is our last visit to Winchester for quite some time...nice enough club but the pitch ruins our passing game!

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From the Winchester match report (currently here):


The league leaders got back into the game in the 37th minute when a cross was well tipped out by Clint Davies but unfortunately the loose ball fell to Own Irish who slammed home the equaliser in the 37th minute.


He's not Dave Tilbury, he's Own Irish. Quality.

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