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The Ryman Burger and Tea League


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Sadly my participation of the fare offered at our rivals ground has been ad hoc at the very best this season. Gone are the days when I would participate at every game.


I can confirm that our burgers are of a good quality. As for the tea and coffee, I cannot judge as I do not take either at home games (far to busy and if a cuppa is on offer, it's usually Mr. Nixon who provides a steaming mug of quality "char". A nice deep amber colour and a pleasing "nose". Upon the palate, a refreshing and perfect combination of water, leaves and milk - put him in a pinny and call him "Mum").


I can confirm that I do participate in a hot beverage away and usually it's coffee (it's harder to [****!!****] up a coffee) and I only take tea when I see an industrial tea pot on the go. Reason? Being a tea drinker I have found that the tea used is usually of the buget variety and it doesn't matter how bloody long you leave the bag to "steep", it still would be as well to fill a cup with hot water a wave the bag two inches away for the cup. So, rule of thumb, if you want a decent cup of tea, look for the tea pot.


I said that you couldn't [****!!****] up a cup of coffee. Well that isn't exactly true as many clubs have some delightful young thing that obviously wishes to qualify for an olympic medal in this category. When I have time before Mrs C and myself leave, I do not wish to chance the quality of beverages and take a flask of Sainsbury's Taste The Different coffee (purely for survival reasons - nothing like a decent cup of coffee to drive away those Harrow "Blues"). I shall be doing the same at Ramsgate. There is usually enough for four or five cups and if anyone wishes to share, they are welcome. It does make the difference, believe me...


...but doesn't take away the fun of the lottery of taking a beverage at our opponents tea bar.


As for burgers...like I said, this season I have not participated as I have in past seasons...mainy because most of the food offered is bordering on average. I can confirm that, when I have had a burger, average is about the best, although the Sutton bar burgers qualify for the strangest tasting of the league (and I shall not be repeating when we revisit next season). The best food must go to the pub at the bottom of the hill of Dovers ground (does this qualify?). The best bacon french sticks I have tatsted for a long time and very reasonable. Put that together with some decent real ale and a friendly publican and I could sit there for hours (very rare in this day and age to get all three). Dartford does good food...well the pasties were very nice. I didn't fancy a burger because it looked as if they were all pre cooked and kept warm in a "bag". That, in my mind is wrong. At least let us see you cook (re heat?) the beef (cough, cough...hmmmmm).


So there you go. Because the "Mighty" Braintree are languishing in the BSS, some of you newbies have never tasted the delights of the "Iron" Burger. A half pounder of prime beef with a rasher of bacon, a tasty sausage, a fried egg and a slice of cheese all in the same roll. Top grub, in my opinion which has set the bar so high that all others struggle in it's wake.


I cannot forget Sharon Kent's tasty sausage in a roll before a Saturday home game. Sharon does some top food for the players and if there is some blagging and we are running a event after the game, her Sheperds Pie is heaven...also her lasange is pretty damn fine as well, not far short of Mrs. C's efforts (got to get that in or I'll be cooking for myself this weekend).


So, there you go...


Hope you enjoy.






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Heard very good things re the 'Iron' Burger, sadly wasn't able to make the away trips when they were in the Ryman due to various reasons which is a shame. AFC Wombles food was always quite good. Agree with Gazza about Sutton's, had a hot dog which was one of those frankfurter things bolied to the point where you could only really taste water and all this in a bun half the size of the 'sausage'. Mentions also to Grays whose burgers are possibly the worst I've ever tasted. Apparently the Dartford food was quite nice even if it did look like you were getting a naan bread.

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Best food: Anywhere that does something slightly different than the bog-standard "match burger".


Special mention to Dover for the chicken curry and chips (I sampled this), and beef and gravy in yorkshire pudding wrap (sounds nice, might be foul - I didn't have it 'cos they'd run out of gravy).


Sutton for the sausage rolls.


And anywhere that does a good pie - more recently I can recall Harrow, Hampton, Concord, Sutton, Dartford.


There aren't enough pies in non-league.


And I've always wondered why more places don't do a vat of chicken curry or chilli con carne with rice.





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Had balti pies (3) at colchesters ground for the essex senior cup tie,these pies are top quality and seeing that many people love a good curry should be sold at all ryman league grounds.

As finisterre has also said,a vat of curry and rice should be available at most ryman grounds

Had your burger at the capital league game and it was better than most

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Bluetone, in an effort to be more health conscious these days, we at Cressing Road have (alas) had to tone down the infamous Iron Burger.


Now it has just a half pound burger, split sausage, double bacon rasher, fried egg and cheese in a big toasted bap.


We were finding that not everyone was enjoying the optional black pudding. hump

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I'm bored with burger dinners twice a week. I love just a simple cheese or tuna roll as an alternative option. I think it was at Canvey at the bar that did just nice simple tuna or cheese rolls/baguettes and they sold out of all of them before kickoff.


At old Highbury (before I discovered the wonders of non-league), they used to do decent bagels for a decent price. It's

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