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just a question.......

Red Ivan

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Long time supporter..........new(ish) forum user.


I don't want to put a downer on our recent good form/results, but can anyone remember a worse side than the one we're currently watching?


Not having a pop at anyone; just interested to hear other supporters views.


Up the 'Gate!

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I believe you are a bit harsh on the current team.


To amswer your question specifically, i believe we had a much poorer team in our last season in conference south and first in ryman when we were graced with the likes of benevides (i'll run away from the ball in case it hits me) ,charambolous-what does one say and to think we re-signed him ,burke, baxter (i'll keep falling over ) ziepe and other best forgotten stars.

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Originally Posted By: Tony_T
Current side is not a bad side - they are mostly inexperienced at this level but are learning quickly so bit unfair to call them bad!

I actually think we are a reasonable side, who did not get te breaks in the first half of the season.
If we can stay up, with what they have learnt, this side with just a couple of changes will be top half next season.Can we stay up though ?

I have said from the start of the season though, that this thing about an inexperienced and young side may be a bit of a misnomer.

Mullins,corbishley, young ,harwood, Lacy,stubbs, wilson,peters,gregory ,healey and bailey have all played at ryman level before and indeed ,quite a few have played at conf. south level;so are we an inexperienced side.
It seems to me there is quite a bit of experience in the side;and finally, its taking shape.
Hopefully not too late

Up the 'Gate
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Thanks for the general response.


Just a couple of points/comments:-


1) Geoff - I was around for all of the TUFC days and, while alot of it was terrible some of the teams produced by Norman Fusco & John Wickens would, in my opinion, have giving the current side the run-a-round.


2) I don't have a problem raising such a topic now, or at any other time. I'm just getting peoples opinion. The current crop of players are what they are and I doubt they care how they are compared to teams of the passed. Indeed, I would be interested to know what knowledge of our history these players have.


3) I AM A GATE SUPPORTER - simple as that.


4) I feel todays performance was typical of the season really. We probably shaded the first half, a I certainly didn't see anything wrong with JG's goal. The second half we offered very little and never looked like scoring. I don't want to state the bleedin' obvious but we need a goal scorer........and fast. The defending for the first goal and from then on was very poor.


5) Wilson, Young and Harwood aside I feel we lack real talent. The like of Stubbs and Pratt and fine but I feel we just need a bit more.


Nevermind, I'll keep going no matter what league we're in!


Hey-Ho...........onward to Canvey Island.


Up the 'Gate

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I have said this twice before and will, for the LAST TIME, SAY IT AGAIN(sorry for shouting but it gets my goat!!). There is a capable striker in the squad, Dan Stubbs. He's played just about every position this season and is currently well out of position as holding mid. Defending/holding has always, and will always be, totally alien to him, and any other, attacking player. He is playing that role currently to facilitate the forward play of others who in my opinion based on effect and results acheived, are slightly less affective than he would be. It may be said by some that I have a biased oppinion so let me say to those people that I am being as objective and impartial as any on here could be. My view is based on his football record and goals scored, and assists, particularly at the PASE level with Ebbsfleet.


To have a capable and effective striker is important at this time but just as important is the need to have players around the rest of the pitch who have the ability to create the opportunities for them.


I will always fail to understand why and how a player can be selected to play for a team, based on their ability in a certain position, and then be played out of it.


If a player is less preferred than any other then let them go.It only serves to demotivate and frustrate them as does the bad results that they feel they could affect had they been elsewhere on the pitch.


Rant over, for now.

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this thread is not worth a comment other than this..............

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Originally Posted By: Red Ivan

I don't want to put a downer on our recent good form/results, but can anyone remember a worse side than the one we're currently watching?

Could be that this thread may have had an effect after all. Seriously,no,I'm not saying this thread had anything to do with the recent result but did it really need to be started at this crucial time in the season?
I'm sure Ivan started this off with the best of intentions..
to have a debate on the subject BUT I do think it was ill-timed as the team were on a good run of performances at the time.
Anyways its done now. Maybe a thread saying how GOOD they have been playing of late might rectify things..maybe.
Better or worse than in other years it dosen't matter its what they are striving to do THIS season & I think they have done us proud,taking all things into consideration, as has the manager thus far.
Come on you players keep those heads up & keep fighting for that survival.You CAN do it..starting Tuesday but if not then DEFINATELY at home on Saturday.
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see why you annoy so many IS , as you have wrote above then you plead ignorance and deny any wrong doing . You down the Red side of Thanet with your comments and just as some blue and some red are both hoping for both sides to stay up you open your gob again , take a look at the loyal surport from your fans , they come on here hoping both sides manage to stay up and YOU let them down with childish out bursts , think its about time you gave it a rest pal . Up the Gate .

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