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I'm confident and excited again

Boney Crisp

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When it seemed that O'Connell was going to be our next manager i was a bit sceptical about it, but after tonight O'Connoll has my full support and i reckon he will do very well for us, he already seems more passionate about the club then our previous managers who were probably more passionate at being just a successful manager. Also with the DOF being who we all believe to be, then things are going to be even better come the summer. I'm pleased to see Jay Saunders back at the club with some more players coming in (including a goalscorer) and i think most of us have a feeling who that is. I think for once the board have got this spot on it's just a shame Mr DOF won't be released by his current club until after the season has finished. I hope that this is a long term thing i.e, more then 18 months. I want this to be the set up that will take us back to the conference.


Also pleased to hear that the clubs debt is at a respectable £20,000.


I hope some of the supporters who have steered away from the club lately turn their heads, put their hands in their pockets, pay to enter the ground and support the team in our fight for survival. The club need every support they can get, we can be the 12th man here. If some more people want join in our songs of support at games then that would be great.



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I am glad you have regained your enthusiasm" Alex" . hopefully you will know refrain from addressing KP as "Piper". for one as young as you to talk about someone as senior to you as Mr Piper is, to my mind very disrespectful.

I notice you did not do it last night at the forum.

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Also BB are suggesting that football teams have got it wrong throughout history of football, but putting just the surnames on the back of shirts??? Also when singing songs about players am i going to have to put Mr or their first name infront of their surname? I'm sorry if this seems rude or whatever but you've really pissed me off


wow pissed doesn't get censored on here anymore?

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"Alex" sorry, as I do not know your other name so cannot call you Mr. what is your argument, What you have just said in your last two post's does not add up. No it is not disrespectfull to use initials, it is league regulation that only the single name is used on shirts. If what I said as you say"pissed you off " then you may have an anger managment problem, and need to control it before you actually say it in person to someone who will, take offence in a violent way.

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I've calmed down I just felt it was a needless point to bring up on a fans message board where people are different. I never came on here to be told how to speak to others i came on here to talk about things to do with Margate. It caught me completely off guard and tbh it appears that you are attacking me on the smallest thing for no apparent reason

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