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MFC vs Tooting and Mitcham Utd


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well done guy's.

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Oh my god what a turn around.


Really started to see the potential of some of the players tonight. Pinnock starting to find his feet, Jay had a much better game and Stubbs well what can you say he never stopped running.


Jamie Turner keep us in the game and made some really good saves.


Was really good to see Jay & Keister trying to encourage the lads throughout the game.


Lets just hope we can build on this, the great escape is still there for the taking.


Well done to the 210 that kept the faith tonight!!!

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Not there-but from reports-plaudits to Stubbs for doing well at left back.


Is Duncan (not a sub either ) injured ?

Seems like groombridge is available again.


Here's the T and M perspective which seems quite cojnsistent with most of the thoughts of MFC supporters. :



Heartbreaking tonight.

The 5 players picked up from Maidstone have transformed Margate and they put us under pressure all night hitting the post and having a clear penalty turned down.

But I still think we defended well using York as a sweeper, played the ball forward well through both Hamlin & Joe Vines wide and the industrious Henry and Goode centrally.

It was the same old story that killed us off - soft goals.


Their 1st came from a deep corner with absolutely no challenge to the nod back at the far post that was then bundled in. Then late on their striker was first to get his head to a ball played into our box that neither defenders or keeper dealt with (I was too far away to make a judgement).


In between we had a candidate for goal of the season.

Simon Parker received the ball on the left hand side, dragged 2 defenders into the corner, cut inside both of them, beating another one and then calmly curled the ball into the far corner. Magnificent.


We leak goals so Bill plays a sweeper for extra security (see Comet article). But that leaves us a man short further up the pitch and the gap between the midfield and Vines/Parker is huge. And we still leak soft goals!


A real shame because I thought all the players worked really hard tonight.

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This is worth a read from their forum. Personally I think he is doing somewhat of an injustice to his team as they certainly weren't poor but all credit to him for seeing the improvement in OUR team last night. Now to MAINTAIN IT!.




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Much better. Solid performance, and the better team on the night won IMO. Keister seemed to shore up the defence: apart from some disastrous defending for the goal, I thought we were solid at the back for most of the game. Stubbsy was superb at left wing-back... I'm sure he'd play in goal if you asked him. He really is Mr Reliable these days, it seems. Midfield were also solid, and we seemed to dominate the middle of the park for long parts of the game. Jones had another very good game. Very impressed with the new lad Leroy upfront.... holds the ball up well for a little bloke, and has certainly got a good leap on him (as seen with his goal). Pinns and he never stopped running, and I think there's the potential of a good partnership there. Pinns desperately unlucky to score, think it took a slight nick off the defender before crashing against the bar.


A great, fully deserved win from the lads. Just a shame it may well prove to be too little too late... maybe if we had another 5 or so games, we might have pulled it off. Having said that, I'm sure I'm not the only one today looking at the table and thinking 'Just maybe....' The Great Escape may well and truly be on - who knows, stranger things have certainly happened in football.

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Great result!! didnt go to game due to a very early shift this morning ( jus typical the first game i miss for ages and they win!) was very happy to see the result this morning - made for a half decent shift!


lets get this going - massive games against Billericy, Carshalton and Bognor coming up.


can we do it?....possibly!


(one win wont do it tho - lets get a run going)

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From the Tooting forum...


"You should have been at Margate last night. I don't know what match Bondy was at last night, perhaps he was watching the 5 aside kick about behind the stands. We played ok in the first half, plus a brilliant individual goal by Simon Parker. What ever happened in the changing room at halftime had a huge impact on the game.


We were totally outclassed and outplayed, had Margate drawn or lost this game it would have been a total injustice They completely controlled the middle of the field, their passing was excellent and they looked dangerous every time they attacked, the 2-1 score did not do them justice. We rarely put two passes together in the second half and just lumped the ball upfield to be returned with interest by the free passing Margate team. as for the timing and players substituted it's not worth mentioning.


Margate are a team bottom of the league and beaten 3-0 by Waltham Abbey on Saturday, they looked like a team wanting to be in the play offs, we looked like a relegation doomed team."


Not often you get praise like that from an opposing fan.

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It just shows us Margate fans are not going over the top with our praise either. I will give their fans their due there was a handful behind the goal in the first half who didnt stop singing trying to gee up their team.

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There were a few more behind the goal in the second half and they continued to try and encourage their players.

Heard their comments as they discussed how the game went and they made more sense about a football game than the overpaid pundits you hear after the televised games

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