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Some observations about Slough's play


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I have been frustrated of late by some of Slough's play and wondered what other supporters have thought of our recent performances.Last night at Burnham,Yeoboah goes to take a long throw,which he does everytime,the Burnham bench then shout to their players 'it's a long throw! '. Now looking at the scene,there was acres of space for Yeoboah to have taken a short throw-in ,if any Slough player had been alert for it.Thus giving an opportunity for one of our players to either take the ball into the penalty area and draw Burnham players out ,or for a cross.Surely the element of surprise keeps the opposition on their toes.


Also what I'd give to see one of our midfield players take the ball directly towards goal rather than keep playing to the wings for the usual humdrum cross, usually to the opposition's big defenders than to our short strikers.Variety of play is certainly needed,in my opinion,if we are to be more successful.

Steve Sinclair,excellent footballer that he undoubtedly is,has a tendency like most wingers to go on the outside to cross a ball,when sometimes it would be far easier and much more effective to cut in with the ball.Thus risking the oposition to give a penalty away,or for us to get a shot or cross in [low or high].


Adam Martin played well against Burnham and looks a good acquisition for our run-in and possible play-offs.I'm not convinced Paul Edgeworth or Robbie Kean are the players to play along side him,not that we have a lot of options! I would like to see James Duncan given a chance to play along side,as I think Duncan could be used more in a holding role,giving Adam Martin or Paul Edgeworth time to play much more offensive and direct.


As Burnham were down to ten men,I thought Steve Bateman would have bought Mo Shariff on for the left wing,taken an ineffective Simon Martin off

[just last night's play before we get the moaners on here about him!] and put our best striker Elliot Buchanan into his most dangerous position,up front. One thing I envy in Burnham's team is that they have pace and are fast on the counter attack.This is what Mo brings to us.

Garry Sippetts could have come on for the tiring Sean Sonner.


I think Chris Sheeby is a worth a mention,as I thought he had a very assured game.

Any other thoughts,Slough fans?

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The long throw has annoyed me since Yeboah joined. Given it was hyped up as an attacking threat, I can't remember it ever working once. As you say 3spirit, Jarvis saw it alerted his team accordingly.


Every team we have played against can work it out as soon as its used. The team has become one dimensional with it, if Yeboah mixed it up a couple of times it would help as he normally ends up with masses of space in front of him to play a short throw and a put in a cross.


The one biggest criticism of the side at the moment is the poor quality of set pieces as it seems no one can lift the ball from a corner/free kick and deliver anything decent. Penalty practice is needed too!

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I agree also with the long throw issue, while it can be a useful tool, we are not mixing it up enough to trouble the opposition. It seems to be one length, at the same target every time, and easily defended by every team we play against.

Our set piece taking has also become very poor, it just does not make sense that every corner and every free kick into the penalty area gets easily cleared by the defence. It is the same with a lot of our crossing, we either do not get the power on it or we do not find bodies in the box.

We need to get these sorted if we are going to make it into the playoffs!

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can agree with the lack of mix up of attacking play not just from throws but the fact we seem to have to pass the ball in tight spaces just to get near the opponents area and we have a total lack of chances. last night we had so much of the ball yet hardly had a shot the whole game.


in fairness we won a fair few headers from corners last night particularly 2nd half

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