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Trivial Pursuit

David Holden

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William I is in St. Stephen Abbey in Caen, Normandy


Henry I is in Reading Abbey


So am guessing it is one of these two - but you say English King rather than King of England, so probably the later smile.gif



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You're right, except he was Harold II (Harald 1, Harefoot son of [****!!****] was from 1035 - 1040)and was interred in Waltham Abbey, despite his death at Battle.


Sorry Ian, as you know you are correct about Henry 1st in Reading Abbey, my fault - perhaps I should have said Saxon King, but that might have been a real giveaway!


Over to David, I think?

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AFF said:
Lee Hall.

Everyone in the world knows that the 60's hippy/flower power hit '(If you're going to) San Francisco' was recorded by Scott MacKenzie.

This American singer had but one other U.K. chart success. Name that tune.

Like an Old Time Movie?
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Errr No, actually. I was thinking that you could have used Ian_W's question about Mr Simoniz or whatever. Small gesture etc.


Let me help out now.


Lady Jane Grey was crowned Queen of England at Canvey Island.


Now. Mr Simonite is a character in a very popular sit-com [whatever that is]. What is he better known as?

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