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North Greenford Utd.


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Enough of St Newts and their chairman's hissy fits, on to tonight's very important game.


I think its difficult to justify any changes at all to the starting team from Saturday. Adam Logie has come back in and adopted a slightly defensive midfield role which has contributed to clean sheets in consecutive away games so i think deserves his place.


Ollie B has been superb since deputising for Sincs so should definitely retain his place. Perhaps the only change I'd consider is more game time for Jerome Anderson but feel we should start with the Sean/Danny duo which has netted four timed in two games.


Vitally important game to keep the pressure on. COME ON YOU REBELS!!!!

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Not in the UK, so can't be there tonight. Can someone please text me updates from the game as I won't be able to get on Twitter either due to vastly overpriced roaming data :(


Good luck tonight boys. Not there in person, but there in spirit.


Believe and lets get these wins and prove a point to a certain someone.


Msg for the supporters, whilst we may not have BFR in the ranks, lets get fully behind this team tonight and give them the support they deserve.

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Much as you don't want to change a winning team, there will be a lot of tired legs after a mammoth performance on Saturday. I'd be tempted to start Lloyd/Jerome just give Danny/Sean a breather, and have them on the bench should we need them in the second half.


This game is the most important of the season. Winning on Saturday was great, but that was just one match. Getting three points from NGU is more important than what has happened in the past. Win our matches and see where that takes us.

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Well if we all text Gary simultaneously we can see if we can crash the network in Holland.


It is another massive game, let's all get behind the lads from the off.

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We will all need Pace Makers before the end of the season!.Cause I live close to PAPWORTH I'm first,so there.


Not wrong there!


I just don't think I could handle the play offs again, I honestly don't think I could watch and hate to think of the repercussions it could have to the playing side of the club if we do not gain promotion this season!


I will always be rebel, just praying we both go up!

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