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Delia Smith to take over Hornchurch

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Colin is appealing for the lost hordes of Havering to come back to the Bridge.

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Dare I say that the round ball game is frowned upon by many of the more "mature" folk around here. A bit common for some of them. Can't see that a tenner would be a problem for the locals.

Must be very frustrating for Colin and everybody when we get less than 0,1% of the population of Havering at our home games.

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The likelihood is that if you invite an old fan back they will see one or maybe two matches and then you will see them again at an important game later on, but if you are able to invite a new fan they will either not come back or stay for further matches and possibly the rest of the season and beyond.


Rob, I see a passion at the club at the moment that can grow. I'm not saying don't invite old fans, instead concentrate on attracting new fans who see the club for what it is now.

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