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Fleet on Monday

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I feel vindicated! :D


Early this season, before the Surrey Senior Cup tie at Egham, I watched Samad thump the ball home consistently like a striker in practice. I've told anyone I could that I thought he could be a useful auxiliary striker, and everyone looked at me as if I was from another planet.


So, today, with less than twenty left, Sammy replaces Bitz as an attacking right-sided midfielder, with people on the terraces scratching their heads, and Sammy shows predatory skills by scoring two and only missing a hat-trick through a great one-on-one save. Granted, Sammy also cocked up with a cross-shot which went nowhere, but the boy done good!


Prior to that, the match had a bit of an 'end of season and we're safe' feel about it. Commiserations to Fleet Town, who gave it a real go in the first half and were thwarted by some excellent backs-to-the-wall defending by our lads. Weighty's tap-in from Bitz's free kick in the 40th minute wasn't a training ground special, but we needed that.


We switched off straight after the restart and left Fleet's number 9 Mark Watkins in acres of space, but he planted the left wing cross home in exemplary fashion and, at that stage, Fleet deserved it. We then started to get the game more by the scruff of the neck and tested Fleet with some lovely passing moves and more desire up front - even Josh had a crack and, had it gone in, that would have received as big a cheer as Sammy's goals.


The officials had a good game today, though I'd admit we seemed to get more of the 50-50 decisions. Fleet's luck just wasn't in. Shame, as they were far better at our place than Marlow, Bedfont Town, AFC Hayes, Chalfont St. Peter and Woodford from memory. As for us, another good all round display with no-one letting the side down, and 56 points and two cup finals is a very pleasing reward thus far. I think birthday boy Pitbull would agree, ;)

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A workman like performance, where we didnt really get going until the last 20 minutes. Fleet were certainly better than a lot of sides we have played at the RPS this season. Samad took his goals well and made a real impact when he came on.


Another 3 points tucked into our belts. Maximum points from the easter bunny. :)


Well done chaps .....

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