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Alan W (GNFC)

Exeter match report

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Well, from my view (although I may be wrong grin.gif), it was Matt Lee who hit the bar rather than Steve Flack - so nearly an own goal right at the end.


A solid defensive display today - it's hard to believe that, after moaning about the lack of clean sheets we pick up, we now have two from the last two games. A draw was a fair result, and Wilko never had any of his characteristic super saves to make to bale us out. As for Abbey's penalty shout, it was inconclusive from my view.


A shame about our next round tie (replay permittinggrin.gif) - you hope for either a high-ranking Second Division side to boost the coffers, or even a draw against someone lower in the pyramid to give us a chance of even greater things later on, and instead we get a side who are in our division, yet would be hot favourites to beat us anyway.flame.gif


P.S. I see the Beast netted for Barnet in their win over Bracknell yesterday.

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Nice to see QPR granted the Club permission to play Ben Walshe in the FA Cup. How long has his loan been extended for? He could be a useful player for the Chester game should we get past Exeter on Tuesday evening.

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FleetMan said:
Yep, the beast netted twice for barnet.

That what it said in the results section, so I thought I would read the match report. There it said that the first goal was by Ben Strevens, the 2nd was an OG and Hatch had gone off before the third was scored.

It did say that he got booked for a "nasty tackle" which caused a "fracas"

Anyone know what really happened, If there are any passing Bees fans perhaps?

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