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Canvey Island 0-0 Lowestoft Town

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Much better performance from us on Tuesday night which we could so easily have won.


The reshuffle in defence made us look much more solid, and I thought Baucutt and Alaile had good games either side of Humphrey and Bartley.


Gameo and Smith had their best game as a central midfield partnership, and Sheldon Sellears was exceptional down the right wing - my man of the match.


Not sure what Henderson was thinking with his two yellows, perhaps the most stupid sending off I have ever seen! What a way to let your team mates down.


As for Thommo's header, how unlucky was that! It was a great header which he got up a long way to connect with, just a shame he couldn't direct it an inch lower!

Onto Ricay on Saturday, another side that have seen a lot of changes over the summer. After this performance I think we can go into this game full of confidence and I think we'll claim the three points.

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It was great seeing Sheldon pushed forward again and I hope that will be a spot he'll hold onto for the forseeable future. I think the change in formation helped and we had four solid defenders able to defend and I think this relieved a bit of pressure on the central midfield.


It was great to see our width utilised to our advantage and we even had full-backs making overlaps, (Alaile out-sprinting three of their players to whip a cross into the box will not be forgotten any time soon).


I was impressed with Vickers in goal, he looked very confident considering his age and took everything thrown at him calmly. Progress was proved by the clean sheet and the more the game went on the more likely we were of taking all three points.


Saturday won't be a too dissimilar game, a home derby that everyone needs to be equally up for as we start the momentum building.

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Much better performance against a strong Lowestoft side that possess a number of decent players.


Sellaers was exceptional on the right and gave Stuart Ainsley a torrid evening. Was impressed with the defence especially Alaile and Baucutt who both looked solid and four goals conceded in 4 games shows that area is looking pretty strong.


My main worry is that we didn't really create enough especially once Lowestoft went down to ten men. Other than Thomas' header, we never really tested Ashlee Jones enough and in fact Lowestoft had a couple of chances to nick the game in the second half.


Saying that it's never easy creating chances against a ten man side and with Lowestoft having a striker sent off, they didn't have to reorganise that much.


I'd have taken a point before the start of the game and after last season's inept display display at home to Lowestoft in which they totally outclassed us, this was a huge improvement.

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