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Goal of the season

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With only a couple of games left, it's time to consider the end of season awards. As mentioned in the other thread the supporters player of the season vote will happen at the Frome match. Myfc are voting on their own player of the season too.


The tricky one is goal of the season. We have all of the goals from the home matches on video thanks to the myfc filming, so the easy answer is to just do a home match goal of the season with selected home match goals. I'm hoping to get a video of all the home goals from Laurence after the Frome game.

Of course this then excludes all of the away goals, only a few are online in various places. My current thought is to offer this one out as a separate vote to the fans forum users.


So what I need for now is suggestions for goal of the season please, home or away, and we'll see how we can progress with this. Post your suggestions on here. Thanks.

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I've created a Google form for voting on this until Sunday evening. I chose 5 of the 9 home goals suggested above.


Find it here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wDRJOsteYpzBAQ1ay8u6uWiyoV9frlshltuxn5pta8c/viewform?usp=send_form

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