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End of Season Walk


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Kay and Radders started their long walk to Dorchester this morning from the Arbor Vale site (our now, nearing future home) on the first leg.


I've got a few photos that will be going online later this morning.


If you haven't sponsored them yet, you can still see them at the Banbury match on Tuesday, and of cause, at Dorchester on Saturday


Good luck with the walk Kay and Radders

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For anyone who has not seen the updates, yesterday Kay and Radders reached the half way point at Ampfield just east of the New Forest.

Sunday: Slough to Hartley Wintney

Monday: Hartley Wintney to Dummer

Wednesday: Dummer to Ampfield

Today: Ampfield to Fordingbridge

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Unfortunately Radders has had to pull out through injury, and was off to hospital this morning for an x-ray. I really hope it's nothing too bad. Having done half the walk he deserves as much of the credit as if he'd done the whole thing. Ian has stepped in to replace him and walk with Kay for the second half.

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Walking companion required!.

Ian very kindly walked with me today which was really appreciated as I know how much he hates walking.

I will walk on my own tomorrow with some support from ian following in the car, but on Saturday if anyone felt like joining me for 18 miles or so the company would be appreciated.

Planning to leave Blandford Forum at 8.

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