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The New Travis Single

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Yeh it was,now for Fleet boys review... <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

Scissor sisters-Pretty good,"tits on the radio" and "Laura" are worth checking out. The crowd was dead though.

Martina Topley-bird-Good music,but wrong place for it,i.e.not at a "rock" gig

Graham "don't mention blur" Coxen-Weird bloke but impressive music,crowd still dead.

Macdarmont(spelling?!) and butler-I was so tempted to go slit my wrists.

Cooper temple clause-Wahey,crowd wakes up,huge mosh pit,brilliant band.

Fran Heeley-As expected really,a huge sing-a-long to all the old classics. To be honest he might aswell ditch the rest of the band,last night it was just him and an acoustic guitar and it was exactly the same as it normally sounds.

The music-Another huge mosh,a good band, and as expected the customary crazy dancing from their singer who looks like justin hawkins long lost twin brother.

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Should have bunked off, Fleet boy!

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